Christmas Eve

Wakes up from his dream and he is smiling and the Virgin the sight with charm, Christmas Eve dawns the Sun singing! Transparent friendship sonnet combines love, that you’ll end up loving, not lies the truth, you are believing the lie that false are feeling. Error of perception ends errando. There is no disloyalty that thinking and there is no mockery enemy is hurting, you invent you ghost that you are seeing and there is no wound and you’re imagining it. It combines love loving the sea and the river that life is running towards the death, as the rivers Manrrique said. Give to the sea is way and good luck the strong motherly and friendly source, Transparent friendship, not walk those messes! Unforgivable incredibly sonnet the love of friendship that becomes knot is well dried and that weighs us, the truth so weighs and frankness, malicious silence, remains silent.

Is not intended to make fun or play rough, who wants to be faithful to his fortitude does not ignore the truth that you are interested in and is a blow to fatal know could not. Harden is the stone friend soul of greed, you don’t have a crumb, Generosa becomes greedy. Rose becomes a nettle growing each Thorn, enemy-Yes, its petals espinan, without the rose. Credible and forgivable sonnet if we dry well and if us weighs his silence ever stays silent, the love of friendship is not knot God us sincere speaks with frankness. He will never say is that already it could not truly ignoring our weakness, forgetting the offense to its integrity, with its clean friendship, franca naked. Squandering a banquet every crumb largesse that has no greed, divine friendship, is without malice. Not it becomes the pink one nettle and even your spine, flourishes as spigot, and there are always petals in your caress. In conclusion Haiku without failure Dios my root do not let me dry, divine friend! Success sonnet with the kiss of love of God eternal if kiss of true is love will have, will retain his divine friendship, is triumphant friendship, entire success. The kiss that is betrayal is worse than zero betraying kissing him, we get lost, we cannot deny that we do not know that heaven without love is hell. Heart that forgives grows healthy, friend Dios hides in the beggar if we extend the hand to each brother.