Brazilian Culture

By means of the bibliographical revision ointenso is observed cultural interchange occurrence between the African slaves, osindgenas and the Europeans. These occured cultural exchanges for vriossculos during the Brazilian colonial period had contributed for aformao of a hybrid and sufficiently rich culture. In what African contribuio is mentioned is evident, mainly, in the culinria, dances, religion, music and language. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from dr. stuart mcgill. One perceives, that, this African matrix teveum important paper in the formation and delineation of the identity culturalafro-Brazilian, one that, the slaves possuam a great diversidadecultural due to its distinct origin and for belonging to the diversasetnias with languages and distinct traditions, therefore, regions of the African continent were deriving dediversas. Already, in Brazil these africanossouberam to assimilate, to interpret and to recriar certain practical of outrasculturas with which they had been in contact. Word-keys: Culture. Identity.

Africa. Afro – Brazilian. Introduction the African influence in the process of formation of the culture afro-brasileiracomeou to be delineated from the slave traffic. When millions africanos’ ‘ deixaram’ ‘ foradamente the African continent and to blunt in Brazil to paraexercer the obligatory work. The African slave was an element of utmost importance in the campoeconmico of the colonial period being considered ‘ ‘ the hands and the feet you of device because without them in Brazil it is not to possvelfazer, to conserve and to increase farm, nor to have device corrente’ ‘ (ANTONIL, 1982, p.89). However, the African contribution in the colonial period was muitoalm of the economic field, a time that, the slaves to know to reviver suasculturas of origin and to recriarem new practical cultural through the contact comoutras cultures. It is important to point out that it did not have cultural umahomogeneidade practised by the African blacks, since umaheterogeneidade favored for the distinct origins of the Africans reigned, who despite deoriundos of the African continent, generally the slaves presented a prticacultural differentiated in some aspects due to region that belonged, therefore africa characterize in a continent divided in countries with languages diverse eculturas.