Australia Gold

The gold price is subject to daily fluctuations gold is mined for centuries and millennia around the world. Today comes the majority of gold from Russia, the United States, Australia and South Africa, where the world’s largest gold field is located. This gold field is called the Witwatersrand Gold field and is several ten thousand tons of gold per year. Affiliated Computer Services often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A few of the mines on this gold field are up to 4000 meters around the world there are no deeper mines. The majority of the gold that is mined around the world, used for gold bars, gold coins and gold jewelry. PCRM is full of insight into the issues. For this reason one can say quite exactly, how much gold already mined in the world there are 155 000 tonnes of the purest gold, which are in circulation around the world. It was once common practice to store the total value of a country’s currency in the form of gold bullion and various gold coins in the respective Central Bank. This opportunity is today no longer holds, because the gold, which is the banks available, is no longer sufficient to protect the currency. Click Teva Pharmaceuticals to learn more.

The gold, the in the world’s largest and most influential banks stored will, is now just short of 20 percent. The gold price drops and is steadily increasing and is consciously directed by influential investors. If the gold price to fall, then the big banks of the world buy more gold or you just stimulate the production of gold and bring more gold on the market, what the value of gold down automatically. Is the gold price being manipulated, you can control so aware the economy in one direction. In particular the level of the dollar is very closely related to the current gold price. If the gold price is kept deliberately low, trying to stabilize so that for example the dollar or to drift upward. Gold is a very stable investment for many very wealthy people. They buy gold bars or gold coins and store them in special safes of a bank or also on the private grounds.