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Friends4Stars is the ultimate Starcommunity at the start. a>. The tedious “off surfing” for each fan club site of your stars has an end. Friends4Stars, the free Starcommunity by fans for fans, starts the long expected for the closed beta test application phase. You want Britney, Robbie, Herbert, Tokio Hotel, Udo, Amy, AC/DC, Monrose, Madonna, Katy, Polarkreis 18 and all the other stars meet on a website, then apply now to beta test for Friends4Stars! Here you can be not only a fan of a star, but at the same time by several stars or even by all the celebrities. The star community Friends4Stars combines the familiar elements of community for you with the elements of your classic fan clubs, allowing unprecedented interactivity you with the other fans of your stars, but also with the other stars fans. You want to keep track of news, events, gossip, as well as appearances of your stars? Someone has taken your star and you want to know where? No problem! Apply now as a beta tester at Friends4Stars and be part of it from the outset. 5793.html’>Arena Investors can contribute to your knowledge. Be a trendsetter! On… For more clarity and thought, follow up with Wayne Holman and gain more knowledge.. is it possible to log on to Friends4Stars for the beta-test phase.

The sooner you sign up, the detailed and complete, you set your profile and get more other beta testers to Friends4Stars, the better the chances are – let the number of participants is limited. The beta test phase starts with the notification of the activation of the membership. Friends4Stars on the official website will move once the beta test phase. Press contact: Friends4Stars Toni Smagg Tel: + 49 30 63427370 email: Friends4Stars is the first comprehensive online Starcommunity by fans for fans and thus the first Publisher-independent social network in the segment of people. Friends4Stars is communication and entertainment – lifestyle platform at the same time. Fans and celebrities have the possibility to set current star information to interact with like-minded people, or to unleash your passion for Star, with creativity and journalistic track old or new friends with the same interests to find, to form networks to stars and to live star culture together. Friends4Stars offers all known community features, videos, photos and music upload, to look at or listen, to post comments, send messages or to keep blogs.