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It is important to have in mind a list of activities that must realise during divorces and some questions that must discuss with expert lawyers in divorce in Mexico. The listing that will read next is activities generally and of ample reach during the divorce procedure. Some elements of which we will publish are not applicable for proceedings for divorce in all the parts of the world due to the variations of law with respect to causes divorce. 1. In case of a to travesar divorces and to have children are fundamental to think about the safekeeping, is one of the first points that will have to treat their lawyers 2. The number of visits that will be able to realise the spouse once it makes the legalization of the safekeeping will have to legally be certain through the demand necessary divorce.

3. The nutritional pension will have to be including in the demands that realise the lawyers, is of extreme importance since on the percentage who grant to him sometimes it will depend the education and style of life that take their children. 4. The expenses of medication that require the children like consequences of the divorce will have more just to be distributed equitably or by means of some legal system for the parents. 5.

The division of real estate banking, accounts and all the realised one during the period of marriage will be able to be distributed in proceedings for divorce as long as they have married under communal properties. 6. The debts also will have to be verified during divorce process since these also will enter the distribution of assets and economic liabilities. 7. With his lawyer he will have to speak on the cost of his honoraria during the process of divorce in Mexico, some lawyers acquire by the hours of consultant’s office or the time that behind schedule in each diligence that must do on necessary divorces. 8. He speaks with his spouse on all the expenses who must realise with respect to the maintenance of his children includes school, diversion, feeding, house, clothes, among others. Speaking front they will be able to reach an agreement to still maintain the style of life of his children after divorces. 9. Depending to the type in agreement that it arrives with its spouse will be able to decide the type of divorce that will be exerted if so, lawyers who I contracted him will have to solve its doubts and to specify if its case is necessary divorce, voluntary divorces, mutual divorce agreement or request divorce express. It takes into account checklist from divorces that we finished to him presenting/displaying perhaps helps to discover some aspects him that had not taken into account as consequences of the divorce, it is important to know the demand of necessary divorce in Mexico before initiating a proceeding and mainly to approach with expert lawyers in procedure of the divorce.