The cognitivism, i.e. the belief that man is analogous to a machine that treats information. From this viewpoint, it’s make you spit out numbers to the soul. Measured the more better, everything is counted and no matter what; behaviors, the marked boxes of questionnaires, the movements of the body, secretions, neurons, colors of magnetic resonance imaging, etc. About these data collected in this way, you elucubra, you are homologous to other so many mental processes that are perfectly fantasmaticos, imagine putting your hand on the thought. In summary, you ramble, but as it is encrypted it seems scientific. Around a cluster of metaphors infiltrated in this way current discourse, to force to produce and manage machines, contemporary man likes to imagine being one of them.

An example? Explain to us that being in love, occurs when our serotonin decreases to less than 40%. This was measured in Guinea pigs that ensure thinks to be loved at least four hours per day. Crazy love? It drives up dopamine. Therefore if you have propensity for crazy love, it undoubtedly has a small missing on that side. Conversely, if you stay with the same person, it is because their rate of oxytocin, call the hormone of love in summary, retranscriben their emotions in quantitative terms, and the game is made. This crazed quantification, which is a pure scientific discourse drill, extends everywhere.

It constitutes the happiness of the Administration, justifies it, feeds it, encouraged it to cover all aspects of life. Everything must throw in cognitivism?Oh yes! It is an ideology that mimics the hard sciences. But if it has spread so widely, it is because it expresses something very deep, an ontological mutation, a transformation of our relationship with the self. Today, we are not sure that something exists if that something is not encryptable.