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Ministry Industry

An initiative non-profit organization open to companies and professionals from the sector which gets underway with the horizon of a very close election call.Hotels Monte lends its support to the platform by a Ministry of tourism, because this initiative calls for the creation of a Ministry of tourism, lead and coordinate which group together the political actions of the various administrations and the industry itself. Hotels MONTE supports this initiative, adhering to the same, convinced that the objective is to have the opportunity of a stronger industry as well as representation within the national Government. This initiative is aware of the necessary cuts in administration policy, which are not prompted the creation of a new Ministry with a defined structure but rather reordering existing ones in order to give prominence to the country’s main industry, generating jobs of work as well as many other professional activities engine. This initiative is driven by Hosteltur and aims to give a voice and space to all those persons, companies and entities that consider necessary the creation of this Ministry. For more information:

Huntingtons Disease

We need genetic information now in order to make the best decisions and live a better life. And more urgent, we need to improve the treatments that eventually will be developed using genetic information. When I was child, Dr. Nancy Wexler lost his mother who suffered from the disease of Huntington (EF), a genetic condition that affects the brain. Late in 1970, it was proposed to find the cure, Dr. Dr. steven greer does not necessarily agree.

Nancy Wexler knew that she and her sister Alice had a 50% chance of developing it in a few years. Specialists told him they would never find the gene that you were looking for, had lost before, that the best thing was to live in ignorance, squeeze the most day to day and to thank God for each new dawn. Having seen to Huntington’s disease wear down the body, the mind and the spirit of her mother, during the course of a decade, Wexler joined his father Milton, a psychoanalyst from Los Angeles, in the hereditary diseases Foundation, a organization he had created to investigate the disorder. In one of the seminars of the Foundation research, Wexler was captivated by a film of a village isolated in Venezuela, in which dozens of people are wavering, apparently affected by the same disorder that had affected her mother. When federal funding for research on Huntington’s disease was finally available in 1978, Wexler knew a where to go with the money San Luis, the Venezuelan village at Lake Maracaibo in which film stood. People in the village was not accustomed to medical care and was cautious with strangers. However, Wexler had a single with them loop because she also ran the risk of Huntington’s disease. Connect with other leaders such as Teva here.

He managed to seduce them, persuade them and convince them to donate samples of blood from which DNA could be extracted, and at the same time was classifying family connections. n in this village inhabited almost 20,000 people, the majority were descendants and family a woman named Maria Concepcion with Huntington’s disease who lived in a villa built on piles in the Lake Maracaibo at the beginning of the 1800s. She studied and learned from these people, collecting thousands of blood samples. These blood samples led to the discovery of the gene for Huntington’s disease and to the development of a diagnostic test. For personal reasons, Dr. Wexler has not revealed if it has been tested for the disease that could develop. Today, she works hard to find a cure.


Reasons to buy Control of access by biometric systems many people or companies are considering the adoption of new security systems. Anyone that is the case, the best solution is the implementation of biometric systems and the reasons for doing so are quite a few. Below are some of them. Tao Li Teng Yue is often quoted on this topic. 1. Any Bandit can access to facilities or information, steal an identification card or a password.

Using biometric systems, the authorized person must be present. 2. A biometric access control implies that it does not need ID cards and there is no to memorize passwords. In business, with many dependencies, each access door can have a password or different entry card, which can cause much confusion. 3 Biometrics is now within the reach of everyone, is no longer just a luxury of the rich or the most important. 4 It has several methods of analysis to make a better choice.

For example, if it is in a company’s construction, in which employees always have their dirty hands, it is best to use an analysis of iris or facial, instead of one fingerprint. 5. The biometric access systems, can be used for control of attendance of the employees of a company. To implement this technology prevents workers to register the income of absent colleagues or that including cards, pay to access areas that have not been approved. 6. This technology is highly accurate and is similar to DNA, in that it is virtually impossible that two people have fingerprints, eye patterns or similar features of the face. 7 A crawl, can be reliably, to know who have tried to enter a site in question and also knowing at what time. In this way attempts, fraudulent, by entering a place are recorded in the database of the system. 8. The use of biometrics increases levels of security, since persons not registered in the system may never pass by it, regardless of how much try. 9 Access controls, using biometric systems, are very accurate and investment that is made in them is recovered in a short time. This is due to that after installing an access control, of this nature, productivity levels are increased dramatically, while operating expenses decrease. Biometric clocks also work as a method for the control of employment assistance and for access control. Thanks to biometric systems security and responsibility have increased. Source: Press release sent by shane.

Health Centers

"Proper nutrition of the child provides the basis for his harmonious development and good health, and therefore unacceptable situation in which children in many parts of Russia are deficient in iodine, iron, zinc, vitamin D, and pregnant women – deficiency of omega-s fatty acids and other substances necessary for normal pregnancy and fetal brain development. On the average daily intake of protein Russia is far from developed European countries, which significantly affects the health of the nation, as parents with chronic diseases and various deficiency states can not conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. The current environmental situation and stress that reduce immunity, also require an adequate and full supply. Details can be found by clicking Teva Pharmaceuticals or emailing the administrator. For example, the use of so-called "third formula" formula milk fortified with DHA-and ARA-acids, prebiotics as a component of dairy rations for children under 2-3 years. During this period of childhood is active brain growth, the formation of the nervous and immune systems, development of and use of fortified foods in baby food is not a luxury but a necessity, "- says Andrew Sukhinin after the official opening of the congress were Tutelian VA ("Nutrition in Russia: the 80-year path of development"), deputy director for research and clinical work Institute of Nutrition, Professor, Corresponding Member of RAMS Kaganov BS MD Strokova T.V.i etc.

In the XII All-Russian Congress of Dietitians and nutritionists held Plenum of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) on health and nutrition workshop profile Commission on the Nutrition Advisory Council to the Health Ministry of health of the Russian Federation under the chairmanship of TUTELYAN VA, Brown, SN, OV Krivonos to discuss the organization of nutritional support Russian population. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Anthony Carolla offers on the topic.. And held a seminar for school health centers, "Evaluation and analysis of individual power," during which heard the reports, "The use of computer programs for the evaluation of individual Human Nutrition "," Development of recommendations for optimizing the diet, "" Guidelines for the construction of individual dietary nutrition. "School nutrition 'to Health Centers. .

Unmet Fertility

An open request could be informed answers and explanations to the infertility after young for a couple to a stressful test, if it is not to create without speaking secrets about the topic. An outstanding fertility and that problems arising as a result should be addressed together by both parties concerned. Teva helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Endurance is the first step to solve an often committed error is lack of endurance, even when completely healthy partners manages a pregnancy does not always on the first attempt. Studies have shown that this works only at around 25% of all people. Even very healthy people with a fertility must be often for years active, to reach success. Specialist medical advice only from a period of 12 months to consult a specialist physician young women: a woman a gynecologist, the man the specialist in urology or the Andrologist. The good news: 85% of women become pregnant within 12 months without medical help. People intending to become pregnant must act together So as a couple? The question also answered a statistic: physical causes of pregnancy lack of are distributed equally on men and women.

A medical examination of both partners is necessary to determine the causes of infertility. A pregnancy is a complex process reasons for a pregnancy lack of there are many and even more well-intentioned advice from friends and relatives, which may attach no importance to a tolerant pair. There is no secret recipe for the pregnant, the entire matter is too difficult. More information is housed here: Mackenzie Scott. Numerous factors, until the sperm cell has found in its goal, must work together seamlessly, even a small error can provide for a break. Find the correct moment the criterion to meet the fertility, is the correct time for the follicle, it is not caught, will not enter a pregnancy. To find out this time exist numerous paths, for which man no doctor required.

By means of an exact accounting with regard to the expiry of the period of ovulation is pretty much to identify another technique is to measure the basal temperature, there are also natural notes to the follicle that displays the body of a woman about pain in the abdomen or a firmer breast. An outstanding fertility can have quite as psychosomatic causes psychosomatic causes. Men and women, which are constantly under stress, what great mental stress must endure, could be at least temporarily infertile. What men should know for many years is adversely affected sperm quality more and more men by external influences, especially men who come with plant in touch or are exposed to radiation are affected. To find the specialist you should respond. Infertility in men has become more so in recent years. The rule of thumb: Always try becomes study conclusion remains to determine that the specialist in most cases can help, but there is also a small portion of people with fertility, which themselves can never grant a wish for a child. That about 85% of the couples without medical help – sometimes only have a baby after months – that should encourage pairs, again and again to try it – and fun is trying anyway.

Benefits Of The Exercises During Pregnancy

While many people believe otherwise, pregnancy is one time more than good to perform physical activities. Obviously, the overload is not good, but exercise can help maintain a good shape and an agility that will help the pregnant woman does not suffer typical problems as cramping in the legs and back or waist pain. The best of physical activity during the months of pregnancy the baby is that it allows toning the muscles of the extremities inferior, have an importance rather than big at the moment of the natural childbirth. Today there are many places where there are courses of antenatal gymnastics, where the body of the woman, is preparing both physical as mentally for what’s coming, that will be a very important life change. But most normal activities, such as jogging, walking and bicycling are not greater problem for a pregnant woman.

Obviously, as time goes on and grows the belly, muscle load being reduced since the same body requires a low in the pace of activity. Where delivery is by caesarean section, the activity physical prior trauma of the baby will be a great help for women, since the recovery of the operation will be much faster than if kept inactive during the nine months of gestation of the small. So now you know, if you think that physical activity can be detrimental to your pregnancy, you should scupper that myth and begin to exercise. However, before you start any gymnastics plan it is convenient that you talk with your personal doctor who will advise and tell you if you’re in position to do activity. Many women who come with problems in the column prior to pregnancy can do as well as others which do not entail any ailment, so take your doubts and then goes to a teacher or professor that you orient in the way of exercise.

Pregnancy Travel Insurance

Pregnant travel insurance policy provides protection to the expected woman in abroad. This policy covers all the expenses that crop up during traveling. Every woman has a dream of becoming mother. Pregnancy is the most astonishing stage of life. Al Gore describes an additional similar source. It is full of enthusiasm and excitement. At expected mother is strictly prohibited to from one country to another fly, when the due date is close. If the woman is expected more than 36 weeks then most airlines prohibit her from flying because of the increasing risk of delivery in the flight.

But in the case of emergency or urgency, some women have to move from one place to another. So, for the ease and convenience of the expected mothers, pregnancy travels insurance is launched in the market. While traveling, this policy provides coverage to the mother and baby, both. Pregnancy under this insurance policy, you can enjoy the trip safely and carefully. Travel insurance policies provide full protection to the expected women. A plenty of policies are available in the market. Before purchasing any insurance policy, you should be aware about its types and advantages.

Mainly, insurance policies are present in two forms namely single and multi trip. Single trip insurance policy covers only one specified journey and in contrast, multi trip policy provides coverage to all the journey journeys that made within a specified 12-month period. Pregnancy insurance policy provides great benefits to the women like medical assistance, loss or misplaced baggage delay/cancellation of flight, emergency evacuation/repatriation, urgency of ambulance, need of blood etc. The insurance policy covers all the expenses that occur while traveling. While applying for insurance policy, you should be honest and truthful as it helps to make claims. It is important to study seriously the terms and conditions offered by the insurance company. Usually, women who are expected from the 16 or 18 weeks are considered by insurance companies. Before purchasing travel insurance policy for pregnant woman, all the medical conditions must be declared. The most complicated and common medical problems such as asthma, diabetes, heart or lung diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, depression etc. must be considered in the policy. The insurance company from where you are availing the insurance policy must have the knowledge about your health history. Rosie Gravin is specializing in writing articles on pregnant travel insurance, supplemental maternity insurance. For more information

Hypertension During Pregnancy

The only person to say whether women can medicate (or continue medication) and what are the most appropriate drugs in case of suffering from hypertension is the specialist who controls your pregnancy. In general, the guidelines to follow depend on the degree of hypertension that women suffer. If a woman has a slightly high blood pressure, are medical and is trying to get pregnant or see that it is already, physician usually suspends pharmacological treatment that is following, as there could be risk of drugs to increase the morbidity and mortality of the fetus. Additional information is available at Dr. Robert Brannon. Where blood pressure is moderately high, in general you should continue taking drugs antihypertensives. However, some of the drugs that are safe for women can injure the fetus, so specialist will review the medication, because we have determined most appropriate drugs during pregnancy. Each month, it is necessary to perform a scan for kidney function and the growth of the fetus is controlled with ultrasounds. Pregnant women with severe hypertension require special care and rigorous control, even hospitalization during the second half of pregnancy. Pregnancy can greatly worsen hypertension and in mother cause swelling of the brain, cerebral hemorrhage, renal failure, heart failure and death.

For the fetus, there are also serious risks such as premature detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall (Placental Abruption: oxygen and nutrient supply received by the fetus is interrupted and this may die). Although the placenta does not fall off, hypertension can reduce the blood supply that receives the placenta and retard fetal growth. In any case, as we say, will be the specialist indicating treatment adecuadopara each case, weighing risks and benefits. Probably give certain physical and nutritional guidelines to avoid complications in mild cases. And always a good gestational control is necessary to prevent the risks posed suffering hypertension during pregnancy, and as far as possible bring healthy habits since before achieve pregnancy to not suffer the disease when it does not suffer from chronically.

Hongrita Industry

Instead of the standard until to the high-tech solution 2013 is the world’s largest trade fair for plastics and rubber – K in Dusseldorf from October 16 to 23. To the 19th edition of the three-yearly fair, eight companies present themselves (2010: six) from Hong Kong under the umbrella of the community stand in Hall 1, booth A25, organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). In total, 34 exhibitors from the metropolis at the fair are represented. Hong Kong plastics industry challenges the rising cost pressures and increasing regulations through a stronger focus on innovation and technology, as well as cooperation with international partners. To also upgrade the OEM production belongs to ODM and OBM manufacture. The Government of the HKSAR and the Hong Kong Mould and the Council support this through a series of programs, including with local universities, research and development centers, as well as industry organizations of various fields of technology. So can among other niche products be developed, as they require about the complex requirements of the automotive industry.

Plastic raw materials from Hong Kong’s exports rose to 7.5 billion USD in the first eight months of this year by almost 1 per cent. Double-digit growth rates in Asian countries such as Korea showed exports (+ 89.9 percent), Indonesia (+ 34. 8 percent) and Taiwan (+ 31.5%). Imports in the city declined to $ 7.4 billion in the same period to 3.4 per cent. Contrary to the trend growing imports from Germany grew 3.6 percent to $ 146 million. The following companies from Hong Kong will present their products and services on the K: Hongrita mold Ltd., Jing Mei industrial limited, man Fung mould industrial co. limited, Ming Lee-tool-steel & machines co., Ltd., NHH COLTEC limited, Sunrise industrial (HK) limited, TK mold limited, Tung Lee precision works limited. Hongrita mold Ltd. (1/A25-7) supplies including the automotive industry as well as the medical, electronics and packaging industry with Spitz castings and plastic molding.

Jurgen Dawo

There, the homeownership rate is 80% and more. In Germany, 80 percent of renter households from the own four walls dream at the same time. Understandable, because home ownership stands for security and independence”, know Jurgen Dawo. Mietfreies living is usually actually a top-notch retirement. Dr. Steven Greer is often quoted on this topic. Thanks to the historically low mortgage interest rates, a relatively rapid Deleveraging of the home is possible. Especially for families with average incomes, the statutory pension will leave considerable financial gaps.

The earliest construction of home ownership to private pensions is therefore recommended. Prerequisite for a successful prevention strategy with the homeowner is that House and grounds cost just as much, so that the repayment of the mortgage loan is done at least until the beginning of the pension”, town & country’s founder explains Jurgen Dawo. To impossible for normal income earners this is difficult but with land prices from 800 euro and more per square metre, which would be required in many German cities. Barry Collins follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Cheap plots of land are outside the cities building interested parties should therefore Dodge in a radius of 30 to 50 km in surroundings of the city. There developed subdivision square meter costs only a third or less than in the big city. At the same good infrastructure with a functioning public transport, near, not overcrowded kindergartens and schools. Construction prospects should contact Bauamter of the municipalities in the country for land, which are developed or already offered in the near future.

Increasingly, in rural areas, earlier train or commercial areas be rededicated in land for housing. The churches are a good point in finding land, the hereditary building rights awarded to use as their real estate safely and profitably. But above all the local politicians must develop new concepts and do everything, that mainly families with Children can make home ownership outside the cities. “If rents will rise at the same pace as previously, only the least normal income earner a place to rent in the city can afford”, Jurgen Dawo is convinced.

Strength Training Against

targeted slimming and fat burning with strength training with strength training against the winter fat explain the fight. Who does not know that. over the winter months, holidays, and vacations, you have faster a few pounds more than a right. With a few simple tricks you can have go but again this in a few weeks. Other leaders such as Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. offer similar insights. Muscles of the motor of the body the muscles of the body is similar like a motor, only Burns those calories in the form of fats and carbohydrates instead of gasoline. The larger the motor, or of the shares of muscles in the body, the more (calories) can be burned. Because even if you just no sport drives (sitting, sleeping, etc.) the body burns calories anyway comparable as the idle when the car.

Ever trained the muscles, the more is burned in your sleep! Why to use this effect to make and take off in his sleep! What is strength training it actually? Strength training can be performed in many different variations. Whether beginners, advanced or professional athletes are there for each individual training forms. To achieve success as quickly as possible should be consult from an experienced expert such as a personal trainer, or a trainer in his gym. Beginners train on best the first 2-3 months with a full-body workout. With approximately 8-10 the whole body is trained within a training unit intensive exercises in a short time. Each exercise consists of 3-4 sentences (passages) with each 15-20 reps. A 1-2 minute break between sets is sufficient. 2-3 training sessions ensure fast performance increase.

Advanced use so-called split-training”train your muscles. Here, the training plan is divided into two halves, a day half of the muscles (legs, chest, abdomen) trained in the next training session the other half (back, shoulders, arms). Here at least are but 3-4 per week necessary to long breaks to avoid training sessions. The scope of a training session is 4 x 8-12 reps. Each with 2 min rest between sets. Burn fat in your sleep! Best results are obtained with an accompanying endurance training. Getting to work the trained muscles through targeted endurance training for even more effective and to burn fat. This effect also in the night. Endurance training should be done always after the strength training or on separate days. Matched an individual training plan you get have fun while exercising a personal trainer in your area or see!

Milk Thistle

These natural remedies encourage the characteristics of cleaning and natural detoxification of the body and promote the functioning of a healthy liver from so attending not only health and freshness in the mouth, throat and gums, but also through the body. Along with a regular oral hygiene program, you will get the best results. What else can help? * Brush your teeth after each meal and before you go to bed * do not smoke! * Gargle with natural Mint and fennel to complement the mouthwash * chewing of raw celery sticks helps freshen breath * be sure to keep your toothbrush clean and sterilized * dry mouth is a frequent cause of bad breath. Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day * not go on diets of hunger. Chewing regular and swallow promote saliva production and can help prevent dry mouth * clear underlying infections and Chronicles of the sinus may help prevent bad breath. Natural ingredients against the evil breath Kalium phosphate (Kali.

phos.) (D6) is a biochemical salt that is a component of all liquids in the body. Kali. PHOs. It is well known as a cleanser systemic any rotten condition and assist in preventing foul odors. It is also an excellent nerve tonic. Silica (D6) has a unique ability to clean the cells of toxins and rid the body of bad smells.

The silica occurs naturally in the body, especially in hair, nails, skin, wraps of the nerve and all mucous membranes, including the mouth and digestive tract. This biochemical salt is also frequently recommended to promote the health of the gums and to maintain the natural balance of enzymes in the mouth. The silica acts as a cleanser and natural Purifier and will also remove any foreign matter in the body. For this reason the silica should not be used by people with any type of prosthesis, implants breast, pacemakers, metal plates, pins or artificial tubes in the body. Foeniculum vulgare (fennel sweet) has been used for many centuries and contains an essential oil flavored with anise that contains mostly anethole, as well as the fenchone is think its remedial features explained. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Fennel is an excellent digestive tonic, which also helps to relieve gas. Fennel seeds have been used for a long time as an aid to sweeten the breath Carduus marianus (milk thistle) is regarded as one of the tonics and recuperative most important herbaria of the liver. Helps to restore the functioning of the liver, bile production and digestion, so attending the routine elimination of toxins in the body and the digestive tract. The medical use of milk thistle goes back more than 2000 years. Milk Thistle has been used in many clinical trials that clearly demonstrate its effectiveness.

Cancer Research Center

A high fat content in the body can increase the risk of cancer, increase 10 to 20 percent overweight and obesity (obesity) not only cause damage to the joints, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. A high fat content in the body may be also the cause of cancer. See clothes for tall women for more details and insights. The expert team to epidemiologist Rudolf Kaaks (German Cancer Research Center, DKFZ) found that a high percentage of body fat increases the risk of cancer by 10 to 20 percent. So half of the nearly 500,000 cancer cases was, triggered in Germany alone in the year by infections, but especially obesity and smoking so basically due to preventable causes. Dr. Steven Greer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Colon cancer, kidney and esophageal cancer are the types of cancer most frequently by obesity. Women specially the risk of breast and uterine cancer increases immensely.

How to play together body fat and cancer? Cancer is caused by a proliferation of tissue caused by an unnaturally strong cell growth. In people with overweight or Obesity the cancer-inhibiting neurotransmitter less Adiponectin is secreted. Immune cells (immune cells) migrate into the bulging fat tissue, signal molecules trigger rather than a healthy (repairing) cell division, instead a control over the balance of the growth is now missing. Moreover, that the heart and also the fat not more optimal for insulin are susceptible. The pancreas compensates for this by an increased production of glucose-lowering substance. Therefore, the body receives a much greater concentration of insulin as necessary. The signals for cell growth are disturbed by the excessively high insulin levels in the blood, which this device in an unhealthy imbalance.

Obesity is a worldwide problem is alarming, that more of the world’s population is rather exceed than underweight. Alone in Germany is considered about half of the population overweight or obese. The number is overweight or obese children in Europe alarmingly high, and in the The important foundation for healthy weight is laid childhood. So, in Germany, 15 percent of 3-17 year olds are overweight. 6 Percent of the children are considered obese. Germany is here, not even on the top spot. Who is considered obese? The body mass index (BMI) is consulted to determine whether a person is considered obese to classify is (or not). This specifies the relation between body size and body weight and is calculated with the following formula: kg: M m resulting values sharing to underweight (up 18.5), normal weight (up to 25) and obesity (from 30). Lean people who are little physically active, but also can have a high amount of body fat. Therefore, the body fat percentage is relevant. Men should not exceed a fat by 23 percent. A limit of 30 per cent applies to women. Be active for obesity “Obesity we must take at least as seriously as a cause of cancer as smoking”, stressed the President of the Board of the DKFZ, Otmar Wiestler. Here, movement can counteract the cancer risk in addition to the possibility of weight loss. Sports throws still to be explored mechanisms that reduce the risk of cancer.

World Novelty: ITwin Promises Web Security Via Plug And Play

Interview with ‘iTwin Gemany’ Managing Director Christiane Weigelt Bargteheide, 02.09.2013 – Christiane Weigelt is Managing Director of Flashtex GmbH in the Schleswig-Holstein Bargteheide. See Dr. Steven Greer for more details and insights. Your company is the umbrella representative iTwin Singaporeans start up company. The business idea of iTwin is very timely in light of the Prism scandal: using two USB sticks is a private cloud via plug & play. Editor: How do you assess the changed security situation for companies after the Prism scandal? Walker: To be quite honest we find quite surprising the current debate about privacy. The whole world is their data via social media channels publicly on the Internet. Companies send the most important of the company, namely the customer and employee data, without personal backup over the Internet on the as cloud designated server of American companies how or the cloud recently purchased SAP provider SuccessFactors.

And at once be all that surprised that third parties on these Data is accessed? Actually, this is still the mild variant of evil. What does such a cloud company times by hackers is raided and shut down or goes into bankruptcy? What happens with my data? We do not believe in the future of”public cloud”, so the foreign server, we believe the future belongs to the private cloud, the own server! Editorial: With iTwin, your company offers a solution that is intended to prevent data transfer via the Internet attack surface. What is iTwin and who is it for? Walker: iTwin is security access to the “private cloud. The two together infectious USB-stick twins are the key that ensures data security on the way through the Internet. With iTwin I can one of the two USB-stick-halves on the simply plug & play access from any computer in the world on my data. The big difference is that they are then not on a foreign server, but on my own server.

Diabetes Illness

In function of this the people have that to take juice, coffee etc with sweetener. She does not have to eat candies and other foods, that contain sugar. Not to eat masses, fats not to go up cholesterol. It must eat fruits and other things that never have vitamins but it eats sugar foods. This illness is laborious has that to take very well-taken care of. Dr. Steven Greer addresses the importance of the matter here. Second interviewed: age 12 years I know that this illness if not to take care goes up the cholesterol and it cause collapse, weakness etc. and not to run these facts he has that to take juices, guarans and coffees all with sweetener and in the case of guaran have that to be light.

I also know that not to go up the cholesterol. You have that not to eat many masses, fats etc. But never foods that sugar contains. Third interviewed: Interviewed of 31 years I know that this illness. You have that to have very well-taken care of, to take remedies in the hour if not cause giddiness and weakness, collapse has that to feed itself correctly. To eat foods that have vitamins. You have that to take care of of this illness with sufficient attention. Because this illness can causes many consequences.

Interviewer: Interviewed Leonardo eighth First B: age 14 years 1) What we can eat? Reply: 2) The actual damages for the Diabetes are: The Diabetes has that to be treated since the start because as goes feeding the risks they go being bigger, you losing the vision its blood is weak there and goes turning the water and can until killing! Interviewers: Interviewed Andreza and Luana Cristina: two Age: 14 years norteadora Question: The opinion of the two interviewed is that the Diabetes is the illness provoked for excess of sugar in the blood. One perceives that although not to have a deepened knowledge understands the way to prevent the appearance of these illnesses as trat them. This is interesting therefore notices the knowledge enters the people on these popular illnesses sufficiently useful to take care of itself better now only lacks to place in practises this knowledge Must have conscience that has to take hands of the writs of prevention and to act not only not to hear pressures you medicate but in its proper I benefit preventing the consequences as infarct, trombose. For a longer life and saudvel.23

The Same

A result of the work can be for a clearing of the Nebula and make sure to clear so the look for a recognition of the other, in truth existing towers (facts and differing views on facts). You may find that Teva Pharmaceutical Industries can contribute to your knowledge. So, it can be seen what already exists, but was previously invisible. Only the thought, then the sense of feeling stress-laden (fear, stress, anger, hopelessness) is a prior, stress-laden thought necessary. Because: Not a task or situation in itself causes the stress, but the thoughts about the job or the situation. This is the reason, why the same strongly stressing out a people and means nothing to the other or even joy. Therefore, these thoughts with the work be edited to take influence on the feeling. The MARTE the work helps to edit stress-laden thoughts (English to work”, work), so that they become less stressful. One of the central ideas is that stress always emerges When people with the reality of fight and lose this battle in any case.

First-time open and real acceptance of what is”, new energy and new ideas, what is caused by”, possibly to change or turn towards new things and viewpoints. “” So the old wisdom stress makes stupid “to stress makes clever”. Case study explains here a case example from a coaching from a coaching approach of the work. “The stress-laden thought that was edited with the work, loud tete: I have to do multiple tasks at the same time!” In any industry, most people feel pressed for time and feel so stressed out. “Of course, the thought does I have to do multiple tasks at the same time!” stress-laden feelings like stress, helplessness or powerlessness out because no one can do several things at the same time with high quality. Everyone has already gained the experience that attempting to do several things at the same time, mistakes happen quickly that Result in overtime.

BSA Fitness

Selected courses in the BSA course trip complete not only celebrities, managers and professional athletes, more and more individuals want an intensive, targeted and individual care by a personal fitness coach. Official site: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. The theme of personal training is an exciting topic for Studio owner / Director, because by your own personal trainer, you can successfully put off by competitors, additional sources of income and in the Studio attract new customers, which so far haven’t found their way into the company. Personal trainer support their customers through individually tailored programs in the fields of exercise, nutrition and relaxation/stress management. The areas are partly very different. For this reason, complete courses individually transferable together participants in the BSA-Akademie in the fitness – and health-related fields and purchase so the know-how that offers their customers a professional personal trainer. “Important: the BSA-personal-trainer certificate” combines at least a basic qualification, two building qualification and two more courses of the Academy of the BSA.

“‘ Free choice of the two other courses” are made of the qualifications of the specialist areas of fitness / individual training “, nutrition, relaxation/stress management’ and fitness / training, health promotion. The order and time design is left to the participants. Upon completion of the certificate are the personal trainers able to serve their customers in accordance with their individual objectives. Courses on Majorca individually you combine qualify yet as to the personal trainer with a focus on fitness training and attend to BSA-base or building skills on Mallorca. So, you have the possibility to fully concentrate to gain distance from the stressful everyday and this high-quality to qualify on the lessons. If you rather want your focus on the field of nutrition, then sign up to the basic qualification nutrition coach-B license”in order to the BSA course trip on. Participation in this course puts you in the position of health – and fitness-oriented diet deliberations.

Win White Spot Disease

Vitiligo – a chronic non-contagious skin disease, the main manifestation of which – white spots on the skin. Symptoms usually appear in the following way. Anywhere on the skin, except the palms, soles and red border of lips, white spots appear rounded irregular shape, various sizes, in low-light milky white color. They are usually surrounded by a zone of more severe pigmentation on the periphery. Pockets of vitiligo usually extremely sensitive to ultraviolet rays of the solar spectrum. The hair on the areas of vitiligo remain, but are usually devoid of pigment (white). While adverse feelings come into play. Pockets of white spots on the skin does not peel and are not subject to atrophy.

Treatment of vitiligo is long and not always sufficiently effective. Noticeable results are seen with early treatment. Large effect is achieved when treating patients photosensitizing drugs (meladinin, ammifurina, beroksana, psoralen, psoberan, etc.). Well contribute to the fight against white patches on the skin and ultraviolet irradiation recovery centers. The positive results in photochemotherapy.

Is usually performed 15-20 sessions. Also noted the therapeutic effect of treatment of vitiligo by the use of laser therapy. At the same time as a photosensitizer used brilliant green, methylene blue. Restore Pigment white spots on the skin occurs after administration of hydrocortisone in the pockets of a suspension of 0.1-1ml of 1 time per week, per course 10.05 injection. For the treatment of vitiligo is recommended long-term use of 0.5-1% solution copper sulfate, 10 drops 3 times daily after meals, the course – 3-4 one-month cycle with an interval of one week. In depigmented skin 0.5% solution of copper sulfate can be administered by electrophoresis (from 20-25 sessions). Individual patients with positive results in the appointment dopegita of 0.25 g 2 times daily for 10 days, on course for a loop with an interval of 3-4 days. Treatment should be, controlling blood pressure. To conceal the white patches on the skin You can use the solution (5-9%) digidrooksiatsetona. Source: Be happy!

SRPA Recovery

With regard to the high one of the SRPA, the nurse must on the basis of evaluate the aptitude for high the stability of the vital signals (…). Many equip of SRPA use a system of prop up objective that acute to determine when the customers can be set free. It props up it of aldrete, or it props up of recovery after anaesthetic. When the customer is apt to receive high from the SRPA, the nurse must communicate if with the unit of nursing, to report the vital signals, the type of surgery and carried through anesthesia, sanguineous loss level of consciences, general physical conditions and presence of lines IV or drains (POTTER; PERRY, 2004). FINAL CONSIDERAES It knows if that the main cause of the breast cancer is the visceral malignant neoplasia and is one of main causes of death for breast cancer, including its factors as: genetics, ambient, cultural such factors are involved in its development. In this article it intended if to call the attention for the importance the cares of nursing in the recovery of the postoperative and psychological patient when submitted to the surgery of the breast cancer.

It looked if to emphasize on the context of the beginning of the cancer, definition, causes, complications, education in health, as well as emphasis in the elaboration of the cares of nursing, lapsing and disgnostic. The actions and the lapsings will have to happen for all the nursing team, a time that are integrant part in the process of recovery after – surgical of the patient. Therefore it can evidence that it is of basic importance for the nursing, to contribute in the promotion of the recovery of the patient with breast cancer, putting in practical the plan of care through use I think of it, of the nursing process, making possible one better aiming of the nursing assistance, guaranteeing the care of quality. It still looked if to establish the lapsings and disgnostic of nursing, that help the nurses to give to it directly with the customer, to plan the assistance, optimizing the time and guaranteeing the quality in the attendance. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES PORT, Celmo Celeno.

Medical Semiologia. 5 Edition. Rio De Janeiro: Publishing company Guanabara Koogan, 2005. SON, Brazilian Geraldo. Bogliolo/Pathology. 6 Edition. Rio De Janeiro: Guam publishing company

Carl Jung

The phenomenon of the spiritual crisis is universal for any person, in life, sooner or later there are problems of spiritual content that a person must decide to develop further. The main feature of the spiritual crisis – the spiritual iskatelstvo and search for meaning. Basic emotions: loneliness, inner emptiness, inadequacy, loss of meaning in life and communication with the outside world, anxiety and depression. The important point is to the crisis not as a disease, as well as to the discovery of opportunities, a turning point in life. A similar approach to personal development has long been practiced in Eastern religious and philosophical traditions, exist within Yoga, various schools of Buddhism and Taoism, Sufism. The integration of their vast experience and knowledge in contemporary psychotherapy – in our opinion one of the most promising and most effective ways of development in the conservation of mental health and mental disorders. No wonder the Eastern practice of spiritual and physical perfection are now so widespread in Western culture. Carl Gustav Jung, one of the pioneers in the integration of Eastern and Western philosophy, in a letter to the founder of the "12 Steps" is known for his spiritually-oriented approach to overcome drug and alcohol addiction, referred to the original formula to combat the problem of alcohol spiritus contra spiritum – against the spirit of alcohol." We believe that this formula applies to any addiction, not just alcohol or drugs, but even to non-chemical addiction, the number is steadily growing throughout the world.

We also consider it possible, to extend to all forms of addictive behavior has a position of Carl Jung, who believed that an alcoholic is driven thirst for his integrity J. Inadequately evaluated and implemented by malware, but, above all, desire for personal integration. We believe that such problems are not solvable in the ordinary state of consciousness, which leads to "experiment" with psychoactive substances. But they are resolved during the transcendent, transcendental, transpersonal experiences that a person can get through spiritual experience. With the help of various psycho-man up expanded state of consciousness in which there are embedded deep within the disclosure of human capacities and abilities. It is known that people use only part of what it pledged. Intense psihopraktiki allows a person to transform psychic-energy, go to another new level of consciousness, to learn to control himself, away from stress … Today the world knows a lot of psycho from Singing to the Tantric texts of transpersonal yoga. Various psycho-integrative self-knowledge, healing bodies and souls can look beyond his "body" of consciousness, to rethink their lives and themselves, find their vital priorities, to open a resource to address and prevent future painful problems, to realize new ways of self, healthier environment not only the body but also the ecology of the mind. Restore the integrity and stability of the human psyche.