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Fast Food Makes People Impatient

Eating fast food – loved by millions of fast food – not only unhealthy but can also adversely affect human behavior. In particular, according to U.S. scientists, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and other similar dishes make people impatient and hot-tempered, according to U.S. media. Employees of the University of Toronto conducted a study in three phases. First they divided the volunteers into two groups. One run-time assignments on the computer showed the 25-th frame image of a symbol McDonald’s – the golden arches – the other did not show any additional images. As shown by the first experiment, the first group tried to do the job faster, with rewards for high-speed solution has not been scheduled.

The second group showed a more calm and mature behavior. The next study confirmed the influence of fast food on the rush. In particular, people who ate at fast food restaurants more often preferred to other products that save time – for example, shampoos ‘two-in-one’. The third observation showed that the fans fast food are less inclined to save money: they often get a cheaper thing, but smaller than something big and expensive. ‘Fast food is a culture of saving time and enjoyment. The problem is that the desire saving time is activated regardless of whether the time is a significant factor ‘- said one of the authors of the study.

In The Color Image Of Women

Colours are one of the most important disciplines in imageology, building appearance and the formation of a color image of the people. Colours – the section of knowledge on the nature and structure of color, its impact on human rights and ways of color management in the human space. From first to last day of our lives we are surrounded by colorful world: our home, office, view from the window, transportation, food on the plate, the flowers on the table, nature – all merged into real flow of colors. Some colors are pleasant and attractive to us, and among others we feel uncomfortable. Color is one of the most important characteristics of information objects. He more than any other sign of emotion affects humans.

With color, you can create a certain mood, to change human performance, affect its physiology, and willingness or unwillingness to do anything. Color – the first thing that catches your eye when meeting people – that is, it is a central component of the human visual perception. With the help of color combinations can significantly dampen stress or certain features of appearance, you can rejuvenate or give a solid form, or call the erotically arouse hostility. The face of each person has their own natural color: color of skin, eye and hair color. And it’s tinged with the same pigments that are in harmony suited to one another.

But we very often violate this harmony, we select the make-up without thinking about the color of eyes and lips, the color of clothes does not refresh the skin, and give us a tired, sickly appearance, hair color adds to our age, changes in general Colours color season … takes as its basis the fact that nature has given us from birth and is suitable for individual of color palette. This is the theory of color types of people. Knowledge of the basics of this theory helps to choose colors, clothing, and accessories, makeup, palette for coloring hair, facilitates the rapid creation of a harmonious image of the whole. Each woman has their favorite color. But the intrigue lies in the fact that paint and color that you enjoy themselves, do not always coincide with those that make you attractive .. There are those colors that you do not spoil, but they can underline or highlight deficiencies that should be hidden. So, to match the effect your expectations, you must comply with the laws of color, consider the compatibility of color with each other and with elements of the environment, your type, with flavors that you use. In skilled hands, the color becomes effective tool for the formation of conscious individual image.