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Background Information For The Novice Writer

Background information for the novice writer of 'tsova Text size people, publishers, – are strange people. If you are a publisher spprosyat – what is your size of the book and you will bleat – 'aa This Well there were three notebooks and one blonkotik, seven hundred sheets so '- you just do not understand. Publishers have the size of the book is in copyright pages. Authors list – it's 40 thousand characters with spaces. Minimum size of text – 400 thousand characters, or 10 sheets.

So – these writers believe in the signs – it usvoyte as the multiplication table. Not in kb and not in the pages – vordovskih or handwritten. For those who do not know – now tell you how to find these signs. To do this, remove the panel statistics. In a Word for top bar click on View -> Toolbars -> statistics. And, being a sign of health. Just to say that 400 thousand – which is the minimum size for the Pocket. For hard cover necessary for at least 100 thousand characters more.

Hurry all originally your book will publish it in the Pocket, it's often – usually for the detectives. Fantasy is often printed in hard cover – it means here and the text should be more. So, about the size of like everything? Proceed to the second stage. built in text publishing! So you've written a book, survived size and now you want to publish it. Commendable! Then I just had to make a reservation.

Reconstruction Of Medical Site Orph CDB Number 6 Of “Railways

Central Clinical Hospital 6 OAO "RZD", which operates on the basis of the Department of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery – an authoritative departmental health facility, which has the most modern medical equipment and highly qualified experts. ORPH offers medical services in the field of Plastic, Reconstructive, intimate, thoracoscopic, laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgery. Besides also offers services for medical cosmetics, slimming and Phlebology. ORPH based CDB number 6 OAO "RZD" collaborates with design studio Alter-West since 2009. During this time, twice changed site design and structure sections.

In the summer of 2010 the site underwent another reconstruction: changed design, structure sections. The new site is made for the new version of content management system CMS UlterSuite 2.1.4. Design home page is rendered on the basis of Pre-layout provided by the customer. Colleagues from the design studio was designed by an illustrated menu. In this menu will only include those items that correspond to the sections of the first level, marked for output to the main menu. Sections in addition to text contains the names of thematic images (icons) for each item.

On the inside pages of an illustrated menu is transformed into the ground, located vertically. Icons are automatically scaled, decreasing to a certain size. This greatly simplifies the administrator to edit and content of the site. Appeared on the home page Automatic scrolling list of the leading experts of the Office. Each item in the list includes name, photo doctor's degree and specialization. By clicking on the photo, visitors can get to a page dedicated this doctor. Also, there are rotating banners and reviews on all internal pages. The site structure be reviewed in accordance with the requirements of your site. In the cap site posted several links to e-mail form. Form of "Appointments", allows you to specify the desired time and date of the visit a specialist. Link "video consultation" to the page, which shows step by step instructions on how to order a video consultation program Skype, as well as a form of "Request a call back" on a certain day and hour. In addition, there is the classic form of mail – send a letter to the manager. Site content is moved from the previous site at using a content management system CMS UlterSuite. Restructuring of the sections and content continues your site yourself.

Pocket Filter Drinking Water

Coral – Mine (Coral – Mine) – pocket filter drinking water." Alters the properties of water: oxidation – reduction potential (ORP), surface tension, acid – base balance (pH), their approximate maximum to the characteristics of human blood, will make tap water of any quality "live", restores the liquid crystalline structure of water. Is a natural sorbent, which inactivates: heavy metal salts, organic natural toxins, chlorine and chlorine compounds (not only inorganic but also very difficult inferred organic nature). Enriches the water 70-th and a very important for the normal functioning of minerals in bioavailable form. Is a powerful antioxidant. Coral Calcium – it is fragmented into a powder fine fraction of the white coral skeleton Sango (Sango), inhabiting the Sea of Japan.

Mineral composition and structure of coral most similarity to structure and chemical composition of bones of the human body, making it unique in terms of use. White Coral Sango (Sango) – this is the only coral used in the healthcare industry. The modern history of the discovery healing qualities of coral water associated with the study of the phenomenon of long duration of life of people in the Japanese islands. Scientists – gerontologists noticed that people living in them have excellent health and Life expectancy there for 10-15 years bolshe., as a result of rigorous research, scientists had explained the reason for longevity of the islanders. Coral atolls, which are located on Okinawa and Tokunosima, mineralize water, calcium ions, producing her deep filtration. Today is the industrial extraction of Sango coral around the Japanese islands.