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Learning Management System LMS

Decision makers, students and coaches alike benefit a Lernerfolgskontrolle, exchange of information and documents – short LMS is used in companies, institutions and schools today in the most diverse applications, including cooperative learning, course management, preparation and management of distance education, learning management system. Thereby, the LMS offers numerous advantages both for the learner and the trainer. Decision makers are convinced by low initial investment and quick training times. For learners participants intuitively usable good contact and diverse communication with participants and trainers, notification of news by email or RSS feed promotion of active engagement with the lessons interactive, collaborative learning team work in the own anytime independent learning with the direct support of coach or learning for trainers, instructors, teachers benefit from other learners simple design learning units use already existing materials, documents, and media learning a variety of activities to choose from different test – and testing modules communicate with the learning group and individual participants overview of the activities of the participants flexible design of the learning process, short-term change possibilities depending on the learning progress of the Group at any time no programming skills required reusability of courses and learning units exchange of lessons and courses with colleagues easily possible. Import function for test duties export function for assessments to decision-makers low initial investment can launch with little time required existing Lehrgangs-and teaching concepts integrated low TCO costs (total cost of ownership) are low training requirements

Community Management

UK Festival season. Festival app reaches new record Munich, October 15, 2013 Vodafone is in the UK for several years for unforgettable festival. “” “The company occurs at the Open-Air events Isle of Wright” Download “, Hard Rock Calling” and Yahoo! wireless “not only as one of the main sponsors. “A special information and Unterhaltungsapp was created for each of the four music festivals: the Festival app – powered by Vodafone”. For the care of the applications Vodafone UK took the Airmotion community team already for the third time in a row with the boat. The Munich-based content and community specialist was responsible for the moderation of user generated content, the apps during the festival days in June and July 2013. And that with full success, because the applications were for festival-goers in the course: a new record compared to the previous years was achieved with more than 110,000 downloads; In addition a very high user rating from an average 4.7 out of 5 stars in the app store.

With the free Festival app powered by Vodafone”offered users of Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices a wide range of services: information about the band line up, a mapping feature, a personal Festival Planner, links to popular social media applications and photo sharing sites. In the latter, users could upload their own pictures of the Festival and make available to the community. The four multi-day festivals attract each year total a quarter of a million visitors and are among the largest and most prestigious festivals of the island. The submission numbers with which the Airmotion community team faced during the twelve days were correspondingly high: about 2,100 incoming user photos tested the staff nearly in real time, including with sandblasted image texts (author postings and user names). Most of the content and user photos could be published in the community and an authentic picture of the festivals.

Next Level Information Management

To improve information management of next-generation strategic partnership by exorbyte and InovoOlution to the information management and to automate the industry specialists exorbyte and InovoOlution enter a strategic partnership. The integration of intelligent and error-tolerant search and matching engine MatchMaker in the NOVO information platform improve key processes, in particular the classification, extraction, indexing and mapping and search. Both partners benefit: through the combination of both systems and the transfer of know-how from projects the problems in intelligent information processing be resolved better. Thomas Schneider, Managing Director of InovoOlution GmbH: A more efficient data synchronization is essential in the management of information. “Exorbyte technology improves the performance of our products continue our customers even more customized solutions from a single source.” Benno Nieshaem wall, CTO added exorbyte GmbH: MatchMaker is in the Input management at home and improved the automation rates thanks to error-tolerant, matching treffsicherem significantly. In addition, we serve the same customer segments, such as insurance companies, banks and authorities. By the each very good industry knowledge we can learn from each other and further close remain on the market in the product development.” From 24 to 26 September 2013 at the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart, visit InovoOlution and experience the NOVO information platform with the exorbyte integration. The docFORUM booth offers an ideal platform for live demos and individual interviews.

Take the opportunity to come with the experts in the conversation. About exorbyte search & matching must be intelligent, accurate and lightning fast. Without exception. Without limitation. exorbyte can do exactly that. Matchmaker, the leading, fault-tolerant search & backfill platform for the huge amount of master data.

The system thinks, seeks and finds a man, only extremely faster and with far more complex constellations. Also in the cloud. Federal authorities, insurance companies, ICT companies and co. use MatchMaker as central data quality server, input management, CRM, and other data-intensive business processes easier customization and integration. Proven productivity. Who else can do that? InovoOlution InovoOlution offers powerful, platform-independent state-of-the-art solutions and services for the optimization and automation of mail processing. The portfolio serves all major input channels (letter, fax, E-Mail, E-letters, de-mail, etc.) and combines the technologies of leading software manufacturers as well as the own products of the NOVO product family in itself. The core functions of the NOVO product family include inter alia the classification/categorization, indexing, and legally compliant and rule-compliant archiving/depositing of incoming documents of any kind. The solutions are scalable and fast return on investment. Supported by our strong soft skills and our comprehensive industry know-how we go with our customers in partnership hand in hand.

President Management

BME – / 2013 ConMoto logistics survey: what are the central areas of influence of value-oriented logistics? 139 Top managers gave their assessment from Munich. What are value-oriented Logistics Central spheres of influence and where the company today? The Federal Association of materials management, purchasing and logistics e.V. (BME) and the ConMotoConsulting group have studied the degree of professionalism the chargeable company in a joint survey. 139 Executives from nine industries gave their assessments. For Dr. Thomas Uhlig, President global supply chain management of Trelleborg Sealing solutions, is one long been clear: the logistics has a significant importance for ensuring and improving the competitiveness of companies and the future.

At the same time, our logistics is value driver and engine of growth. Value-oriented to make the logistics activities and to manage, led to a sustainable increase of the company’s success.” Total view: influencing factors: in the context of the BME – / ConMoto survey gave decision makers from nine Branchenclustern a self assessment of their logistics off. The condition assessment made by the top managers on the basis of key impact areas provides an overview in the maturity model developed by ConMoto value-oriented logistics (level 1 fragmented”until level 6 Agil/adaptive”). This layered approach is the concentrate of years of project and management experience in the field logistics and supply network management”, so Prof. Dr.-ing. Andreas R. Voegele, managing partner of the ConMoto consulting group and long-time member of the BME Federal Executive. The total score of all companies and sectors is satisfactory”(rated 3.1, i.e.

level 4 of the maturity model), where the spreading in the transcript is significant. Some companies are far behind and have a lot more policy work to do while others Act already very professionally. Industry comparison: In the overall evaluation of all central areas of influence the cluster’s trade/consumer goods sector compared the nine categories examined the Tip (see Figure 1).

Pain Management

While the term depression has been in common use in people who tend to not take this topic seriously, it is a very serious condition that can jeopardize the life of one. Depression is very difficult. Our normal duties, may weaken even more everyday tasks such as getting out of bed or eat breakfast are apparently difficult. It is sad to think that many depressed people are not receiving treatment due to the high costs of therapy. However, cope with depression might even without professional help if you know the management of depression. Here are some things that can help people cope with depression, it is important to note, however, that professional therapy is still very valuable in major depression.

These steps are only suggestions to alleviate the condition. Staying active is a way to get the mind of depression. Firstly, activities help to distract people from whatever is causing the depression and also helps to channel unused energies that accumulate when you are depressed. Staying active also releases endorphins natural reinforcements of mood that somehow encourage people. It is also important to take a break. Depression can be very stressful, so it is essential to recover the strength and energy to deal with depression. Relaxation techniques can help you to be more in tune with yourself and be more at peace.

Depressed people should also express their emotions. Depression is usually repressed emotions. People who are mourning may be prone to depression if they keep your emotion in themselves. A lot of people prevents cry because he believes it may be a sign of weakness. However, it is important to mourn because it releases emotions. To express feelings, avoided making ventilation to own anger catharsis doing something violent as boxing, breaking things, and the like. The catharsis does not release an emotion, especially the anger. On the contrary, makes a practice of violence as an expression of emotion, and may therefore be very dangerous. Go out with friends and loved ones. People depressed necesidan have much support. Other people can distract one of the stress factors. Finally, it is important to believe in yourself. It is important to satisfy yourself and gain a sense of self-esteem. It is good to do something that makes you happy. Give priority to the self can help one to believe that life itself is important and can be enjoyed. Be gentle with yourself is one of the most important steps to move away from a depressive state. The handling of the depression is possible and supposed to be responsible for oneself. When it’s depression however, it is important to not rush. Sadness does not disappear overnight, it takes time to return to standing. Little by little, one can out of the depression and have a normal life once again.

DocInsider Appoints New CFO

DocInsider, the large independent physician rating portal in Germany, cites the industrial engineer Wolfram Schlotterbeck in conducting business and takes him as a new shareholder. Hamburg, management further, experienced businessman and management-ALLROUNDER be reinforced May 13, 2013 DocInsider. The graduated industrial engineer brings over three decades of management experience. At DocInsider, Wolfram Schlotterbeck is responsible for the expansion of sales activities, as well as the commercial areas. At the same time he enters as a new partner in the framework of a further capital increase the DocInsider GmbH.

Thus, the company receives additional funding for the continued growth and expansion of the sales. I am very pleased that we have gained an experienced Manager for DocInsider Wolfram Schlotterbeck. Thereby we strengthen the structures for a substantial business development”, as Ingo Horak, founder and spokesman for the Executive Board. DocInsider has a great market potential and is located on a good way”so Wolfram Schlotterbeck. Key success factors are the development of professional structures. Glad to be able to contribute in an exciting company as DocInsider to.” DocInsider DocInsider is one of the leading medical review portals in Germany. Doctors who have innovative solutions to the activation and the communication of patient opinion. It offers an attractive presentation platform on the Internet with a high range of doctors and companies.

After medical services to locate users select appropriate service provider via the portal and participate in a qualified, legally compliant exchange of views. DocInsider’s business model is based on efficient communication solutions and digital value-added services for 420,000 providers in established practices and clinics, as well as for companies in the health care market. The company with headquarters in Hamburg was founded in 2007 by Ingo Horak and promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). DocInsider got to be innovative concept many prizes and awards and has an Advisory Board of internationally recognized experts, including Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Ehlers, Prof. Dr. Anton Meyer and Prof. Dr. Dr. Alf Trojan, as well as Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Bitzer MPH. Scientific partners are the Institute of social medicine, epidemiology and health system research e.V. (ISEG) in Hannover and the Institute of medical sociology, social medicine and health economics (IMSG) at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Easy Thai Vegetarian Recipes

Today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe for Pad thai vegetarian, an excellent choice to learn to cook recipes easy and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 4 people. Ingredients for the recipe for Pad thai vegetarian: for the marinade: 1 teaspoon sweet chili sauce or a few drops of tabasco 2 teaspoons soy sauce 1 teaspoon rice vinegar 1 tablespoon brown sugar salt to taste to the wok: 2 tablespoons oil plant (can be Sesame) 1 teaspoon minced garlic onion Leek into julienne quarter Cup of shiitake mushrooms or mushrooms into julienne 125 gr of rice noodles soaked in warm water for 2 minutes and drained 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro 1 beaten egg Cup of washed Chinese roots to serve: 1 tablespoon chopped peanuts 1 slice lemon 1 tablespoon tamarind preparation of the recipe for Pad paste thai vegetarian: we Remojamos noodles in warm water until they are tender, drain and set aside. We prepare the marinade by mixing chilli sauce, soy, rice vinegar and sugar Morena, and leave it near the wok that we use. In a wok, heat the vegetable oil and gilded garlic, leek and mushrooms.

We then add the noodles. We stir and add the marinade. Once mixed, add the Chinese roots and coriander. Really once the roots, put out the fire. If the noodles are very dry, add an extra dash of soy. We serve with lemon and more sweet chili sauce. Finally, decorate with some peanuts or chopped cashews. This recipe for Pad thai vegetarian is one of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipes and delicious recipes easy to enjoy as the vegetarian roast and rice vegetarian. Original author and source of the article