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Saint Jerome

Jerome had no doubt at its disposal all the Scriptures about the teaching of Jesus, so commissioned by Pope Damasus the compiled the so-called Vulgate, i.e. the first Bible, the four Gospels. In any case he knew very well that Jesus had not eaten meat and that he also taught love to animals and not to kill them. In a letter to Juveniano, St. Jerome made a very special on this subject aside, when he wrote: ‘the pleasure for the meat was unknown until the flood; but since the flood fibers and pests juices of animal flesh will have inlay us.

Jesus Christ, who appeared when it was time, returned to join the end to the beginning, so that we no longer permissible to eat meat. (Adversus Jovinianum) This text shows that Jesus no doubt commanded not to eat meat, that some ancient Gospels, which are outside the Bible, testify to it. In spite of this Saint Jerome suppressed this important aspect of the teaching of Jesus to the collect the Vulgate, the current Bible, including already falsified records at the same time. Jerome really modified the Scriptures in 3500 parts despite how he himself said, controlled his pen. However every day millions of animals have to pay with his life for this falsification of the teaching of Jesus. Countless amounts of billions of animals have been since then exposed to diseases and killed in stables, and especially the Christian villages have become meat eaters. The consequences of this scam for nature, animals and also human beings are incalculable. Vegetarian many apocryphal writings confirm that Jesus and the Apostles were.

Relevant literature can be obtained in the word La Editorial, for example writing The love of Jesus by the animals that we was hid and also the entitled: the Bible was falsified. San Jeronimo, the forger ecclesiastic of the Bible. Very illustrative and interesting readings that are It reveals for example that when Jerome was given the task of pope Damasus translate all texts of the existing Gospels into latin and sort them in a great work resulting in what is known as Bible, around the year 370 suffered a great despair because there were even two texts whose content was similar. All differed. Intuiting what could happen, Jerome writes to the Pope the following: do not there will be at least one, to me, as soon as you take this volume (Bible) in hand, I does not qualify to cries of forger and religious sacrilege, because I had the audacity to add, modify or correct some things in the old books?

Christmas Eve

Wakes up from his dream and he is smiling and the Virgin the sight with charm, Christmas Eve dawns the Sun singing! Transparent friendship sonnet combines love, that you’ll end up loving, not lies the truth, you are believing the lie that false are feeling. Error of perception ends errando. There is no disloyalty that thinking and there is no mockery enemy is hurting, you invent you ghost that you are seeing and there is no wound and you’re imagining it. It combines love loving the sea and the river that life is running towards the death, as the rivers Manrrique said. Give to the sea is way and good luck the strong motherly and friendly source, Transparent friendship, not walk those messes! Unforgivable incredibly sonnet the love of friendship that becomes knot is well dried and that weighs us, the truth so weighs and frankness, malicious silence, remains silent.

Is not intended to make fun or play rough, who wants to be faithful to his fortitude does not ignore the truth that you are interested in and is a blow to fatal know could not. Harden is the stone friend soul of greed, you don’t have a crumb, Generosa becomes greedy. Rose becomes a nettle growing each Thorn, enemy-Yes, its petals espinan, without the rose. Credible and forgivable sonnet if we dry well and if us weighs his silence ever stays silent, the love of friendship is not knot God us sincere speaks with frankness. He will never say is that already it could not truly ignoring our weakness, forgetting the offense to its integrity, with its clean friendship, franca naked. Squandering a banquet every crumb largesse that has no greed, divine friendship, is without malice. Not it becomes the pink one nettle and even your spine, flourishes as spigot, and there are always petals in your caress. In conclusion Haiku without failure Dios my root do not let me dry, divine friend! Success sonnet with the kiss of love of God eternal if kiss of true is love will have, will retain his divine friendship, is triumphant friendship, entire success. The kiss that is betrayal is worse than zero betraying kissing him, we get lost, we cannot deny that we do not know that heaven without love is hell. Heart that forgives grows healthy, friend Dios hides in the beggar if we extend the hand to each brother.


This task can be very hard and stressful for the person responsible for the care of a patient with bipolar disorder. The patient can have moments in which were isolate and does not want to communicate, show unpleasant and not assessing the presence and care of the person who is dealing with him. Care for a person with bipolar disorder may make the rest of his life in the background. However, the caregiver also should worry himself, because if it does not, it also runs the risk of getting sick. Symptoms of caregiver: If you’re (parent or couple) caregiver of a person with bipolar disorder, pay attention if you start to notice that you suffer any of the following symptoms: denial: don’t accept the disease nor the consequences it produces in the person you take care, in your family and environment.

Rabies: You’re furious with the disease, with people who are to your around and which don’t understand you, with the rest of the world in general social isolation: care for your family member takes you so much time and effort that you’ve cut all your ties with the outside world, you’ve ceased to call your friends, already you never leave anxiety, depression, irritability. Exhaustion: You’re so tired you don’t think that you can endure much more. Insomnia: You can not fall asleep because your head does not stop turning negative thoughts that you distress. Lack of concentration in the daily activities. Health problems caused by stress.

Tips to take care of yourself: don’t expect to suffer these symptoms to begin to worry about yourself. Meet your own needs is not being selfish. In fact, doing so will prevent you also sick and give you more forces to deal with the task of caring for your family. Here are a few tips to start to take care of yourself: analyzes and assesses your feelings and emotions without blame you for them. You have the right to be tired, angry, sad not try to deny it. Accept it and look for solutions. Ask for help to the rest of your family. It is logical that no you can take care of all you only. Find time for yourself, to completely disconnect. Looking for some activity that motivates you, you relax and fill you with energy. Support a bipolar person in the most difficult moments of a manic or depressive stage can be stressful, difficult and even cause anguish. There are no shortcuts or tricks to avoid pain, but yes to cope with it, fight and defeat the disease on their own ground. Knowledge, love, delivery and above all hope are more powerful (and contrasted) weapons that can be used. These themes are treated in depth in the Bipolar disorder uncovered Guide. Today, takes the reins of your life at last.

Humidifier. How To Choose Exactly What You Need .

Why do I need a humidifier? Among all the characteristics of the microclimate for the person most important is undoubtedly the air temperature. The range of comfortable temperatures is very narrow: below plus 17 degrees – cold, above plus 25 degrees – hot, but if you go beyond this range even further, then placed in a room is simply impossible. Compared with other characteristics of the microclimate temperature seem less significant. Barometric pressure has a visible impact primarily on people with chronic diseases, and the humidity of the air, we also tend to not pay attention. And consequently, the answer to a question why do we need humidifiers for us is not obvious. However, if we consider the matter more closely, it turns out that humidity – this is one of the most important factors to consider in the process of creating a comfortable microclimate in the premises.

Moreover, the normal level of humidity is not less important than the acceptable range of temperatures. This level is 45-50%. Of course, being in excessively dry or excessively humid air does not affect a fatal state of health and health status. But if unfavorable humidity occurs constantly or regularly, it can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Increased Humidity affects the wellbeing of people and pets, as well as on the state of interior decoration. Moist air is favorable for the breeding of pathogens and contributes to slow destruction of wooden furniture. However, in most parts of our country's period of high humidity, harmful to human health, or absent altogether, or does not happen a long one.