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Healthy Diet

To strengthen the result of a healthy diet and appropriate physical activity, there are a variety of plants in our nature, that will help us, as a supplement to lose weight and prevent weight extra. Fucus: This medicinal plant is a seaweed (sold dry) serves as the accelerator of basal metabolism (consumption of calories at rest), it also has the particularity to regulate the thyroid. It inhibits appetite. Ingested infusions. Spirulina: It is a spiral-shaped freshwater alga, favors the production of red blood cells, for its rich in chlorophyll, folic acid and iron. It is an ideal complement to accompany a diet low in nutrients, since it has a 70% vegetable protein, more digestible for the body, than red meat. Lemon: This fruit is attributed benefits with powers such as: diuretic, stimulant of the pancreas and liver, anticeptico. Great Eliminator and effective against fat.

It reduces the cholesterol. The lemon juice with hot or warm, unsweetened added, before and after meals it is advisable in diets to lose weight and prevent weight. Bitter orange: the skin of this fruit is a powerful quema-grasas, like fucus, increases caloric expenditure and eliminates the accumulation of fats without altering the muscle mass. You drink infusion. Pineapple/pineapple: Is rich in vitamin C and fiber, has minerals such as magnesium, copper, potassium, iodine, manganese and an important enzyme called Bromelain which helps to metabolize food.

In addition to diuretic, it favors the Elimination of the accumulated fat in the body. We recommend its consumption to the natural. Carrots and celery: these vegetables low in calories, make our body to burn more calories in your digestion, the role of diuretics, purifying with high content of fibers, which provide satiety. Blend these ingredients and drink a glass a day, will make you achieve good results in your diet. Hyssop: Is a plant with curative effects on respiratory diseases. Powerful diuretic, favouring the Elimination of fat deposits. Recommended to drink 2 cups of tea a day. Guarana: Is an excellent gastrointestinal regulator. This fruit reduces appetite, since it has a 100% of protein and 45 per cent of vegetable fiber production. It stimulates the nervous system because one of its main nutrients is caffeine, increasing metabolism basal and thus eliminating fat. Incorporating some of these natural elements, we will help our body to eliminate toxins and excess body fat, achieving weight loss. It is easy to avoid weight when we know choose and combine foods, in addition to harmony and balance the emotional attitude that will reflect a positive result in our body image.

Weight Loss and Maintenance

While many people try to lose weight to improve your health, unfortunately, tactics that typically use often have the opposite effect. It is crucial you boarding is on their journey of weight loss of a safe and healthy manner; This article will bring you some ways in which you can do just that. Be sure to set manageable goals for yourself. If you set is a goal that is very difficult to achieve, it is more likely to resort to non-reasonable technical or extreme diets to achieve some degree of success. Concentrate on lose approximately one pound per week. This is not only a healthy goal, it is one that will be able to meet with a little dedication and effort.

While it is important to reduce the calories when you’re on a diet, some people go to extremes and deliberately skipped meals. This tactic, besides not being very healthy, actually goes against you when it comes to your weight loss goals, and when you do not eat way regulate their metabolism is slows down, making it much harder to burn calories during the day. Instead, try to eat several small meals during the day. Instead of three big meals, five or six smaller. This will ensure that your metabolism is active mantengue and that you do not feel hungry during the day. When hunger is satisfied, it is much less likely that you chop unhealthy foods. If you’re like many other people, it is likely that encouentre how to avoid exercising all the time.

However, if you really want to lose weight, exercise should be a crucial part of his plan. Choose activities that you enjoy, this way will be more likely that you are pushed to go ahead with his plan, even when you feel unwell or tired. In addition, uses music as a motivator, and if you can, do exercises with music cheers and fun. Your fluira energy and will help you get excitement with what you are doing. With everything you have to do in its day, sleeping enough is often the lowest of your worries. However, in order to feel good and have enough energy to operate, it is important to have at least eight hours of sleep a day. In addition, research has shown that people who sleep long enough can lose more weight. Adjust your schedule so you go to bed the same time every night and have around eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. You will reap many benefits as a result! Following the guidelines in this article, you will be able to stay on the right track when it comes to losing weight the right way. Not only will feel well to implement these changes in her life, gradually began to look good also. Don’t wait, get started today! Give a twist to your life knows the remedy real to lose weight, click here: how to lose weight in a short time.


Many people think that they will never be able to lose weight but with what I will reveal today your will be surprised because if your let do this, which will not let you lose weight, you will lose weight. Then show you some errors that commit some people and by those mistakes not can lose weight, and this tips your let make them and you will lose weight. Many studies have been done and what they reveal are some patterns that all the people have gone to the now of beginning a program to lose weight, and these are listed below you can see are the errors that you do not have to commit if you really want to lose weight. Here are the two patterns you should not commit, these are: 1.NO eat more food than your body need: to carry out the studies was that people always ate more than they should eat normally and that Asia that weight gain not that lost it. Most of us underestimates him volume that ingest the each meal, and so it also underestimates the amount of calories that you eat at each meal. To set how much you have that eat per meal you have to take into account when it comes to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than your burnings a day, but if your burning many can eat moderately well. Always have two foods that will help you to tomos: vegetables, vegetables are good for having enough nutrient that will help you lose weight. Fruits, fruits as well as vegetables are good for possessing much nutrients.

2. Best your beverages you drink: with the studies that conducted many expert is found people taking many kind of soda that have too many sugars that good to your body do you nothing. Good games also are a little sugary because if they had no sugar would not as rich as they are what you should normally take is pure water, health experts say that you should take even quesea 8 glasses of water a day to have excellent health. If you can daily filled a bottle with water and work and you take it, and so you can lose weight now that you know what you should not do to gain weight you will be more easy weight loss and you will be a person with health and exceptional body.

Obesity Weight

Obesity is a disease that is caused by the excessive accumulation of fat in the body, increasing weight, coming to exceed the recommended limits. Before seeing the types that exist, should recognize what state a person’s body, found before even thinking about a diet plan or attempting to lose weight urgent. Just so, the type of obesity that it suffers from can be differentiated. Therefore, there are several ways of classifying their types. Being overweight does not always indicate obesity. In the case of the man, recognizes what it when you have more than 25% body fat; While the woman is when there are more than 30%. The so-called BMI (body mass index) is used to know the degree of overweight or obesity in a body that is determined by the weight of the person, expressed in kilograms, and its height, expressed in m. In this way, is considered a normal weight when that index does not exceed 25.

If you are between 25 and 30 is overweight. Over 30 is said to have obesity. When it is exceeded 40 there are morbid obesity and When it is above 50 it referred to as severe or extreme obesity. Depending on what causes that have originated, obesity is classified into:-exogenous obesity: is due to a bad or excessive power. -Endogenous obesity: is caused by metabolic disturbances. Depending on where the fat accumulation occurs, we have:-Obesity Android, central or abdominal: fat is especially in the abdominal part, by the waist, thus also other areas such as the face or chest.

Occurs more often in men than in women. By somewhat round shape which adopts the body when it occurs, is also called Apple obesity. Android obesity poses greater risk and is associated with diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes or cholesterol rise. -Gynoid obesity or peripheral: the fat accumulates in the hips, thighs and buttocks, forming a silhouette pear shaped. So also is it commonly called PEAR obesity. This type of obesity occurs more in women. Obesity gynoid is considered less dangerous than the Android and is associated with diseases such as venous insufficiency (varicose veins). Here have described briefly the types of this disease which is increasingly growing, but what is that people take this issue seriously and begin to live healthy.


If challenges himself with a variety of difficult exercises and eating well, is very likely that it burn fat and muscle to form. But surely it is good to find some additional way to make things flow more quickly. That’s why it may be interesting read about scientific studies on topics such as the form of medium chain triglycerides can help people to lose weight (and they are not interested in taking pills to lose weight). The MCT found in coconut oil are particularly difficult to convert and store in the form of triglycerides to your body. This can work in your favor, since fats are sent to the liver in its place, causing an increase in Thermogenesis. A study was conducted to determine how the MCT affect the storage of fat in animals the MCT and fat storage. Three diets to animals during a period of 44 days, including a diet low in fat and two high-fat diets were provided. One of diets high in fat It contained mainly medium chain triglycerides, while the other contained mainly (LCT) long chain triglycerides.

Surprisingly, not much difference in the accumulation of fat between the low-fat diet and LCT groups, with 0.47 there grams per day and 0.48 grams per day each. However, the MCT Group had a storage of fat from just 0.19 grams per day. In other words, the Group of MCT stored 60% less fat. If this applies equally to humans, eating a diet rich in MCT really would help accelerate their efforts to lose fat. This would be particularly true in combination with a reasonable diet. In a study in humans demonstrated that basal metabolic rate increased on average 8% more after eating a meal rich in MCT that after eating a meal rich in LCT. If you want to increase your MCT, coconut oil can be the way to go, since it is full of MCT. In fact, these MCT are similar to the MCT in human breast milk.

You can simply add a little to your energy shakes, or coconut oil make a part regulate his diet. Ideas for enrichment with coconut oil: eat vegetables freidas in coconut oil. Eggs, fish, and poultry can also be fried in coconut oil. Make your own mayonnaise coconut oil. Make your own coconut oil-based salad dressing. Replace the butter on your popcorn with coconut oil.