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Medical Sciences

Text: Alla Solodova / Judging by the form and content of proposed projects and the official blog of the Health Ministry, health workers should be trained to careful treatment. But not for the lives of patients and to the public through the media imuschestvu.Meditsinskaya science there are many daily medical news. But hardly anyone is how many of them actually. Most of the studies are out of focus layman. Nevertheless, techniques, protocols and results of all tests and experiments are in the public domain – on the Internet.

Specialized European and American medical associations are not simply collecting knowledge. They summarize and double-check the published results, after which complement existing standards for providing medical care. Each addition gets "assessment" on which user standards (a doctor or health care administrator) can assess whether proved a recommendation. These annually updated multi-volume is simply as guidelines, which must medical services. And for the physician and patient in foreign standards prescribed treatment alternatives in case the patient will complications or comorbidities. As well as technical details to the extent of which side is better to cut the stomach and to what depth kateter.Meditsina enter in Russian Unlike foreign counterparts, most Russian medical medical news does not read.

With ignorance news professionals in their professional field and repeatedly faced reporters, trying to get the comments of Russian doctors to work by foreigners. "Public information on health care Few studies of reading – said employee of one of the Institute of Medical Sciences. – It's all written in English, and many eminent doctors and heads of medical institutions have grown in the Soviet school and they are usually just do not know foreign languages. And sometimes they just too lazy. " But even read, understood and accepted (at heart) international standards of treatment, even the heads of certain institutions (not to mention ordinary doctors) can do little, to implement them in practice. After all, the standards must be "accompanied" the tools to implement them (drugs, supplies, equipment). And the money to go through the correct treatment for another diocese. It Health Ministry, which the doctors (even with a worldwide reputation) to listen in a hurry. The money gives him one driven criteria. And without the material basis of study of foreign literature is only the accumulation of empty unnecessary knowledge and does not provide neither the doctor nor the patients any good. Just disappointed. After all, to know how to treat, and not be able to do it – is worse than not to know about the possibilities of proper treatment. Read further

Transfer Factor

On the functions of the human immune system published many books, thousands of articles, many of theses are protected, so writing about the body's immune system makes no sense. We conclude only this: no immunity will not be you without a good no immune health, because the human immune system is the only thing that is between a man and all sorts of aggressors. And no man koy be in this life, nor once engaged in are not the problem of rehabilitation or enhance personal immunity. And if you do not see what you wanted, it's time to get acquainted with transfer factors. Despite the fact that hundreds of individuals now cured of the most dangerous diseases due to transfer responsible for some of the most important for the human body functions: powerful, fast and highly improves the immune system in the event of a shortage;-inhibits human immune response by inhibiting the destruction of cells (autoimmune disease); appearance. And absolutely all of the data transfer factor advantages proved and confirmed by thousands of all sorts of experiments and practical application of more than one year. Application of Transfer Factor will cure you of millions of the most severe disease. And in 1980, making a new breakthrough: scientists have found that transfer factors are identical in all vertebrates and therefore their supplier is not only a man. This news is very encouraging because this drug will require more and more needed reskrs inexhaustible.

Aloe Burns

Lightly thought of cooking with his bare hand and took the hot lid. Ouch! Or poured potatoes and got a finger? Who did not happen? These burns are not very dangerous but very painful. They are not insured. Even if you are very careful and accurate, there is no 100 percent guarantee that you will not burn. Therefore, in a note – some eco-friendly ways treatment of household burns at home. At home we can usually get burned I-st and II-nd degree. This is a strong reddening, sometimes – the blisters.

If the burn is more serious – you need a doctor. Means at hand can not do. But we're talking about light burns. The main thing in this case – to save his skin, as well as the pain quickly removed. Therefore, the most important thing here – speed. The faster the start the necessary procedures – the easier it is.

Once you get burned – just in a hurry to cool place destruction. Put hands under running cold tap water, or put ice in the refrigerator. And keep somewhere half an hour. If the water jet causes pain, just moisten the cloth and apply to wound. The cold will remove the heat. Otherwise, the heat go further and cause damage deeper. Many mistakenly start to smear burn ointments. And very fat. They are only more irritated. They are as thermal insulation. Instead, to counteract the heat, ointments and creams retain it. And the skin lesions may become more severe. And it means – a long healing and scar. Cream or ointment (natural) must be applied within a few hours after you got burned. Healing ointment can do for yourself. Take a tablespoon of St. John's wort. Pour a cup of vegetable oil. Infused ointment for two weeks. From time to time shake the mixture. Such a good ointment heals burns. You can also make an ointment of calendula. You needed infusion of this plant and petroleum jelly. Aspect ratio – 1:2. Simply mix the components. It also helps, and sea buckthorn. Help and regular eggs. Boil them hard-boiled, remove yolks. They are now well on prozharte pan – until they become dark and stringy. The pan does not have to drop – no water or oil. The fire also need light. The resulting black salve is good at household burns. Just do not forget to cool down. But best of all – Aloe. Rinse cut leaves, then cut them lengthwise and attach to the inside of the sore spot. Aloe need to change twice a day. You can also chop the leaves of aloe to the blender and lubricated with a wound of this gruel. Aloe is known to have healing and antiseptic properties. Go to the wound can be applied and the pumpkin flesh. It helps to ensure that the burn was delayed. Also, the pumpkin has a healing and antimicrobial properties. Workable, and grated raw potatoes. There is also a very aesthetic way. Also positive. It rose petals. Need to "pluck" freshly rose petals and make a burn is not pressing down, and carefully holding the weak bandage. Petals often change. They say tea rose best help. Also, to the wound healed quickly, consume more vitamin C. It is in oranges, lemons, grapefruit, leek, etc. This vitamin helps rapid healing of burns. Burns well to Polimedel.