World Novelty: ITwin Promises Web Security Via Plug And Play

Interview with ‘iTwin Gemany’ Managing Director Christiane Weigelt Bargteheide, 02.09.2013 – Christiane Weigelt is Managing Director of Flashtex GmbH in the Schleswig-Holstein Bargteheide. See Dr. Steven Greer for more details and insights. Your company is the umbrella representative iTwin Singaporeans start up company. The business idea of iTwin is very timely in light of the Prism scandal: using two USB sticks is a private cloud via plug & play. Editor: How do you assess the changed security situation for companies after the Prism scandal? Walker: To be quite honest we find quite surprising the current debate about privacy. The whole world is their data via social media channels publicly on the Internet. Companies send the most important of the company, namely the customer and employee data, without personal backup over the Internet on the as cloud designated server of American companies how or the cloud recently purchased SAP provider SuccessFactors.

And at once be all that surprised that third parties on these Data is accessed? Actually, this is still the mild variant of evil. What does such a cloud company times by hackers is raided and shut down or goes into bankruptcy? What happens with my data? We do not believe in the future of”public cloud”, so the foreign server, we believe the future belongs to the private cloud, the own server! Editorial: With iTwin, your company offers a solution that is intended to prevent data transfer via the Internet attack surface. What is iTwin and who is it for? Walker: iTwin is security access to the “private cloud. The two together infectious USB-stick twins are the key that ensures data security on the way through the Internet. With iTwin I can one of the two USB-stick-halves on the simply plug & play access from any computer in the world on my data. The big difference is that they are then not on a foreign server, but on my own server.