Win White Spot Disease

Vitiligo – a chronic non-contagious skin disease, the main manifestation of which – white spots on the skin. Symptoms usually appear in the following way. Anywhere on the skin, except the palms, soles and red border of lips, white spots appear rounded irregular shape, various sizes, in low-light milky white color. They are usually surrounded by a zone of more severe pigmentation on the periphery. Pockets of vitiligo usually extremely sensitive to ultraviolet rays of the solar spectrum. The hair on the areas of vitiligo remain, but are usually devoid of pigment (white). While adverse feelings come into play. Pockets of white spots on the skin does not peel and are not subject to atrophy.

Treatment of vitiligo is long and not always sufficiently effective. Noticeable results are seen with early treatment. Large effect is achieved when treating patients photosensitizing drugs (meladinin, ammifurina, beroksana, psoralen, psoberan, etc.). Well contribute to the fight against white patches on the skin and ultraviolet irradiation recovery centers. The positive results in photochemotherapy.

Is usually performed 15-20 sessions. Also noted the therapeutic effect of treatment of vitiligo by the use of laser therapy. At the same time as a photosensitizer used brilliant green, methylene blue. Restore Pigment white spots on the skin occurs after administration of hydrocortisone in the pockets of a suspension of 0.1-1ml of 1 time per week, per course 10.05 injection. For the treatment of vitiligo is recommended long-term use of 0.5-1% solution copper sulfate, 10 drops 3 times daily after meals, the course – 3-4 one-month cycle with an interval of one week. In depigmented skin 0.5% solution of copper sulfate can be administered by electrophoresis (from 20-25 sessions). Individual patients with positive results in the appointment dopegita of 0.25 g 2 times daily for 10 days, on course for a loop with an interval of 3-4 days. Treatment should be, controlling blood pressure. To conceal the white patches on the skin You can use the solution (5-9%) digidrooksiatsetona. Source: Be happy!