Unscheduled Vacation

In Ekaterinburg universities established a lull. Late last week, chief medical officer of the Sverdlovsk region Sergey Busyrev ordered them to suspend work until further notice. The reason for this was the flu epidemic. Order prohibiting the employment in universities, was published on November 12. Some universities, such as the Ural State Academy of Agriculture and Forestry University, went to the unscheduled vacation yet long before him. On November 13, closed the Legal and Medical Academy and others. Morning of November 13 decision to quarantine was adopted in two major universities of the Middle Ural: Ural State University and Ural State Technical University.

There will be quarantined operate from 14 to 20 November. Student reaction to unexpected vacation was ambiguous. Some people just learning about the possibility of quarantine, 'pricked up skis' to leave town for a week or two, take a break from studying. Other martyrs Scientific worry that pass in the learning process will affect their knowledge. However, the first may not particularly enjoy, and the latter not to worry.

According to the teachers of the Journalism Department usu Walder Amirov, it is possible that Students will be engaged during the Christmas holidays. The final decision on this issue will guide the university in the near future. Students 'governor' of the Urals State Mining University relatively lucky – in the New Year holidays to learn they do not have to. The fact that classes are continuing and there is now, during an official quarantine. Leadership training institution feeding students with bread, bacon and garlic. For through this it hopes to prevent the spread of flu among the students. Like a good initiative. But the sanitary inspectors of the know-how is not appreciated. Deputy Regional Chief Physician Viktor , at yesterday's briefing promised to punish the leadership of the university for their disobedience. In buildings of Ural State University unusually quiet – the students are on vacation. However, only . Students correspondence courses are still able to take control work and 'thousands'. By the way, they welcome that, because the omission of even two weeks can significantly affect their load during the session. Continuing training for 'vechernikov'. Faculty and staff of universities are also mostly diligently come to work. Approximately the same situation in other universities. Flu, of course, is dangerous, but knowledge is not waiting, and if proper preventative measures for health problems can be avoided completely.