Traveling During Times of Crisis

What to do during a crisis? Of course, travel around the world! After all, during the economic downturn appears the biggest discounts, great deals and low prices. Do not believe me? Think for yourself: 1. Flights Prices Flights as low as ever. Unfortunately this does not apply to Russian airlines. But in all other parts of the world it operates, and therefore, plan a long trip and visit some countries. 2. On car in Europe has become advantageous to finally make a trip to Europe by car – after all, gasoline prices are falling! More how to make a visa and where to buy tickets – read Travel in Europe: rates, hotels 3.

Many prices on hotels Hotels idle without tourists and cut prices by 30-50%! In advance, make a trip and find the best possible prices for hotels – use search. Note: The more days you stay at the hotel, the less pay for the day. Not Feel free to also use the discount cards and membership in a different loyalty programs to earn bonuses – bonuses are given even for registration, and then you can spend it on hotel accommodation, rooms for improvement and much more. 4. Tours and tour The tour price, for example, in Thailand or Egypt, are now cheaper than a ticket on a regular airline flight. And not just from Moscow, but from the regions.

I do not advise to take the cheapest tour, it is better to first read reviews and then choose the right type of holiday and hotel, the more so now have the opportunity to relax in an upscale hotel at a reasonable price. But in Thailand it is quite possible to go on and the cheapest ticket, but there have to forget about the hotel and paid for travel alone – most importantly do not forget the return journey:) 5. Most popular attractions are places you can visit without queues and crowds. 6. Recreation and Health Instead of blow off the nerves in these troubled times, it is better to arrange a decent holiday. Especially rest will be useful to those who are laid off: in the coming months to find a decent job is unlikely to succeed. Therefore it is better to rest, but after resting brain will work better health and improved mood, and who knows, but you can come up with something completely new and ingenious, and may want to change the region does business or start your own business. 7. Shopping During the crisis, lower commodity prices – this is the best time for amazing shopping, from everyday objects to design. Happy holidays!