The Mechanist

It is taught to contemplate and to meet that BEING to him who is The same. In the mechanist social education one thinks that when working with an educative quality it is going to improve the learning in the children, but this is not thus; only a lower level in the learning, deep deshumanizaciny is being obtained a loss of the being. It is why I am extremely in agreement with the educative integrity that is what it will make develop us brings back to consciousness, and is there where we will receive direction of towards where we are going to walk. The trilogy that Holistas dialogues is made up of three books, and in each of them is done interviews a different professionals related to the Education and other areas, doing a total of 24 dialogues, each of them express a clear and important opinion of interesting and extremely necessary subjects for our reality that now we are living enters these subjects are: Espiritualidad, our true nature. The calm revolution through the Holista education. The evolution of brings back to consciousness and the spiritual change. A Holista vision of the political action. Dr. Stuart M. McGill describes an additional similar source. Holista education and the global perspective.

The espiritualidad interior. Pedagogy of the universal love. A new world. The spiritual trip. Sacred spaces. Idan ofer has firm opinions on the matter.

Jump to the emptiness. The Bodhisattvas is politicians. To enter the espiritualidad. The message of the mythical ones. Sacred love. Culture of peace. A new vision of the world. Science and espiritualidad. To burn the vision. Love like educative reality. A pure act of attention. Compassion in action. Perennial wisdom. In the personnel the reading of this trilogy of Holistas dialogues leaves a clear reflection me that already it is time to change, that our society our planet and our soul asks for with urgency a change in the humanity and only the Holista paradigm through a Holista education has the tools to obtain it. It leaves many knowledge me acquired through these clear ones and deep readings that they invite to continue in him it enjoys his content. Galician Doctor Ramon Nava, author and creator of the Holista paradigm show a continuous one to walk and interest by the espiritualidad which takes to him to pay attention to those key points the human being that before were not had named in the field of the education. I acquired a great learning and in this way to wake up towards which the human being needs and who in many, many occasions we do not have it or we did not have the opportunity to know it, as it is the UNIVERSAL LOVE. In order to understand that we are a totality, a unit, that all we are one.