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Western Europe

There are many points of both positive and negative popularize various myths and controversies about the active supplements. What is "dietary supplements" (BAA), as they should be, whether they are harmful, or are able to replace medication? The study showed that 57% of the population still does not have an exact idea of what supplements – what is it? We already know that in Western Europe, dietary supplements are very popular, they consume 88% of the population. However, only Russia, in spite of all the educational work, only the noise and the debate around the sale and consumption of dietary supplements? Indeed, Russia has a fairly new phenomenon Supplements – the doctors and the public (!) Still are not well informed about their application. Compare: dietary supplements in America are well known 46 years, consumption has become the rule and culture. There is already used to it, doctors are well aware of the action and the range of additives, see their undoubted benefit. In Russia no lasting understanding about the need for supplements – only debatable – as is always around for something new.

Most likely, this is a matter of time: Do we use dietary supplements to be healthy and not drink medicines that one treated, and the other maimed. The main difference is that up to now in our country, doctors are often negatively related to Badam. This attitude is due to lack of awareness about the effectiveness of biological supplements. Please note: Reception 13-20 THOUSAND conventional units of vitamin "A" is able to slow the development of even the most terrible disease today – AIDS! The main reason – to distrust medical Badam about it at the time said Polling. Modern medicine is so complicated that almost every physician has to become a specialist in his field. Often he does not have neither the time nor the opportunity to follow developments related sciences in Specifically, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Nature Tan

Soy isoflavones – help moisturize the skin. The most well-researched component of turmeric – curcumin pokazavschy pronounced hepatoprotective effect. Hepatoprotective effect of turmeric is due to its powerful antioxidant effect. In addition to its antioxidant effects, curcumin has also shown the ability to enhance liver detoxification function. The essential oil and curcumin showed powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Orally accepted, curcumin has shown to be equally effective as cortisone or phenylbutazone in acute inflammation, and half less, than these drugs in chronic inflammation, but without adverse effects. Curcumin also has a choleretic effect, increasing bile acid synthesis more than 100%. Curcumin and its derivatives have shown anticancer activity. Included in the rhizomes of turmeric lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and normalizes the composition of bile. Turmeric not only cleans and improves blood circulation, but also stimulates the formation of red blood cells. This plant is regulated metabolism, adjusting as redundancy, since failure metabolic processes, and promotes the assimilation of protein. Established immunomodulatory property of curcumin.

Under the influence of this substance increases the total the number of leukocytes and antitelobrazuyuschih cells. Turmeric powder and beta-carotene contribute to the formation of stable, smooth and tan. These components prevent the development of sunburn and skin redness. Application Nature Tan For the most effective of all components of the Nature Tan, and full inclusion of the natural mechanisms of protection is recommended to start receiving up to 2 months prior to the period of solar activity. And in preparation for the annual leave Nature Tan to start taking at least 15 days prior to the expected intense tanning and continue to receive during the holidays, especially if you plan to hold it in hot countries. Nature Tan to continue to take 15 days after exposure in the sun. So, 'NATURE TAN' as part of treatment – preventive diet: * protects the skin from aggressive solar radiation * provides not only healthy, but beautiful, smooth and durable, long lasting tan long * Possesses bright pronounced hepatoprotective effect, a powerful antioxidant action * * enhances liver detoxification function, exhibits anti-inflammatory effect * * has a choleretic effect, increasing the synthesis of bile acid has anti-tumor activity * * lowers blood cholesterol levels and normalizes the composition of bile; * cleans and improves blood circulation and stimulates the formation of red blood cells; * improves skin condition and tone * gives courage and good humor.