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Benefits Of The Exercises During Pregnancy

While many people believe otherwise, pregnancy is one time more than good to perform physical activities. Obviously, the overload is not good, but exercise can help maintain a good shape and an agility that will help the pregnant woman does not suffer typical problems as cramping in the legs and back or waist pain. The best of physical activity during the months of pregnancy the baby is that it allows toning the muscles of the extremities inferior, have an importance rather than big at the moment of the natural childbirth. Today there are many places where there are courses of antenatal gymnastics, where the body of the woman, is preparing both physical as mentally for what’s coming, that will be a very important life change. But most normal activities, such as jogging, walking and bicycling are not greater problem for a pregnant woman.

Obviously, as time goes on and grows the belly, muscle load being reduced since the same body requires a low in the pace of activity. Where delivery is by caesarean section, the activity physical prior trauma of the baby will be a great help for women, since the recovery of the operation will be much faster than if kept inactive during the nine months of gestation of the small. So now you know, if you think that physical activity can be detrimental to your pregnancy, you should scupper that myth and begin to exercise. However, before you start any gymnastics plan it is convenient that you talk with your personal doctor who will advise and tell you if you’re in position to do activity. Many women who come with problems in the column prior to pregnancy can do as well as others which do not entail any ailment, so take your doubts and then goes to a teacher or professor that you orient in the way of exercise.

Foreign Economic Affairs

Candidates for the Board of Directors: 1. Sergey Andreyev (Deputy General Director of JSC “Russian Electronics “), 2. Ballo Anatoly Borisovich (Deputy Chairman of the State Corporation “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (VEB)”), 3. Theodore G. Bezgina (Deputy General Director of “Mikron”, 4. Dshhunyan Valery (Director General of OAO “Angstrom”), 5. Andrey Zverev (Director General of OAO “Russian electronics”), 6. Kolesnikov, Oleg V.

(First Deputy General Director of the “Group” Angstrom “), 7. Prokopenko Viktor Porfirievich (Deputy General Director of JSC “Angstrom”), 8. Tabolkin Alexis (Deputy General Director of “Angstrom”), 9. Kirill B. Filippov (Director General of the “Group” Angstrom “).

A total of nine elected members of the Board of Directors held on the same day the Board of Directors meeting, its chairman was elected Dshhunyan Valery. In connection with the election VL Dshhunyana as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of JSC “Angstrom” appointed Tabolkin Alexis. Biographies: Valery Dshhunyan L. was born December 25, 1944 in Tbilisi in the family of a serviceman. He graduated from the Faculty of ‘Mathematics and Electronics’ MEPI in 1969. A specialist in the field of electronics. K.t.n.Vsya his work activity associated with two companies – SEC, part of which flowed into NIITT (1976) and ‘Angstrem. “Since 1969 – the engineer to create electronic devices. Since 1973, engaged in the development of microprocessors. In 1974 he was appointed chief designer of the directions in the industry. Supervised Create a set of 32-bit microprocessor (1988-1989), who integrated the possibility of a sufficiently powerful computer at that time as VAX; The result is a design technology, integrating knowledge of various scientific disciplines – computer science, electronics, technology, etc. In 1987 he was director of the plant and NIITT ‘Angstroms’, and in 1993 became General Director of JSC “Angstrom.” In 1998-2004. head of the JSC ‘Russian electronics’. From 2005 to July 2008 was member of the Board of Directors ‘Angstrom’. In July 2008 the Board of Directors of OAO “Angstrom” was appointed to the post of Director General. Member of the board race, was awarded the State Prize and Prize of the Council Ministers of the USSR. Tabolkin Alexis was born in 1971. He graduated from the “New University of Humanities” (1997) and the Higher Business School of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (1999). From 2004 to 2006 served as general Network Director “Chip & Dip”. From 2006 to 2008 he held various positions at JSC “Russian electronics”. In 2008 he was appointed Deputy General Director of JSC “Russian electronics”. In the spring of 2009 came to JSC “Angstrom-M” to the position of executive director. In June 2010 he was appointed first deputy general director of OAO “Angstrom.” About JSC “Angstrom” was established in 1963 to design, develop, production and sale of electronic devices. Today “Angstrom” is one of the leading enterprises of Russian microelectronics, being among the leading manufacturers of electronic components. The company carries out scientific and scientific-technical activity in the field of technology and design of semiconductor structures and their implementation at domestic and foreign markets. “Angstrom” has the best industrial and technological base, which allows to develop the production and development of resistance to extreme external factors electronic components, micro-electronic mechanical systems, ferroelectric RAM, power electronics, thermal imaging.