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Words Live

Yesterday was all as it should. Morning woke up, fed, for work performed. In the evening, greeted, fed, washed in the bathroom, put him to bed to the wall. You may want to visit Dr. Steven Greer to increase your knowledge. Today woke up at half of the ninth. Not fed, dressed, somehow, missed the work. The whole day went on perkosyak. Swarmed by offers, Hirotsu Bio Science is currently assessing future choices.

Where? Why? Where? Phone her off! Came home at night. No it! In despair, the hungry, slumped on the sofa, thinking. Recalled yesterday. Well, my goodness! Yesterday was the anniversary of their wedding! She waited flowers! And he told her! – Why are they! Now the flowers are gone – a day wither! I'll pay to buy a perfume! A good bunch is now almost that price unpretentious gold ring. So ring forever, and flowers for two days.

If so, and compliments fig! And a declaration of love means nothing. " Words, they are less colors live! Flew from his lips, and had already faded! None of them! Hesitate to air, and no pompous phrases, to which so much time getting ready! Well, can not be! Do not die with the words physical changes in the atmosphere! They remain in my heart, they sink into the soul! They will die only with those to whom they were intended! Probably, and with the colors too! Have for them in our world, something that is not material but spiritual. And there for them in our hearts, minds, souls of his hiding place, where they settle close to the gentle phrases, and warms us all our lives! Friends! Give the girls, girls, women, flowers! A wife to Vasili Alibabaevichu returned. As it without her. Too few men now left who could be free to live without a woman. Too many women have set up today on their fragile shoulders!