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Benjamin Pskov

Perhaps the canvas, brought you from trip to Pskov and dearest a gift from the boss will start painting collection, which in the future to speak the whole world One thing is certain: the picture will become not only a magnificent interior decoration, but also a source positive emotions. The ancient fortifications that once is a kind of shield these sites attract those who enjoy historical reconstruction. The walls of the Pskov fortress these connoisseurs of a bygone era hold their festivals and tournaments, organize trade fairs, where you can buy wonderful handmade jewelry author. Unable to resist the temptation to bestow their favorite women of any age, whether the mother beloved or daughter, the legendary lunitsami. These elegant charms designed to protect women's health and beauty, fascinating subtlety openwork wrought metal netting. Enthusiastic, modern masters are made by hand, with full respect for the old technology (taking advantage of the same tools as their predecessors), the extant chronicle descriptions. Lovers of exotic beverages will be happy to taste this intoxicating honey – it is one that was fed to the feasts reigned from those who "by his mustache dripping, but the mouth is not horrible." Recipes various mead, have survived, not forgotten, drinks on them produced at a high professional level, with love and careful observance of technological rules and regulations. Dine mead, do not forget to grab a couple of bottles of different varieties as a gift to friends and colleagues. Bibliophiles sure to visit located in Pskov unique museum – the famous adventure novel, Benjamin, Kaverina "Two Captains".