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Russia Products

Since we mentioned the series, we give some explanations. The fact that the range of the leading producers, usually one line of wiring accessories is not limited, and consists of several collections (series), designed to meet various demands. Series differ design, mechanisms, and the value – price dispersion in a functionally identical devices from different collections are often quite significant. Wiring devices can be classified in several criteria. Recently Dr. Robert Brannon sought to clarify these questions. Thus, the type operated by posting they are divided into products for the hidden and open installation.

For the first necessity of deepening the appropriate form, the latter are directly mounted on the outer plane bearing structure. Sometimes, for example, if the wall has an insufficient thickness, and is used under plaster, applied the intermediate type of installation – part of the device deepens, some not. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Arnell. The shape and dimensions wiring products meet the standards in force in the country of production. This, incidentally, is very important because different standards mean different system settings. For example, in Russia, the largest spread received German standard – sockets, requiring round Escutcheon. Gradually gaining popularity and other products that use rectangular mounting box and modular devices.

In As an example, products BTicino, anam, vimar. List of criteria that should guide the selection of wiring accessories may look like. In the first place – safety, second – functional completeness and convenience of use, the third – the value for money, on the fourth – match the aesthetic views of the developer on the interior and personal preferences, the fifth – the prestige.

Choosing Position Sensors

Advantages of using automation in the production process: it increases output, and cost reduction, and improves product quality. These days, you will not meet this industry, which would not used position sensors, and displacement, which are the link between the electronic and mechanical devices. Try to understand the choice of type of position sensor suitable for a particular task. K position sensor may include any device designed to detect the presence / absence or relative position of any object that may have a hard, granular or liquid consistency. When choosing Product must take into account a number of functional characteristics specific to each type of sensor manufacturers and design approach to its products, terminology and labeling.

On physical principle of the sensor provisions are divided into non-contact: inductive, capacitive, magnetic, optical (photoelectric), ultrasound, and the contact, the main ones are the encoders – devices for converting the angular rotations or linear movements in a sequence of pulses of a certain format. Optical sensors are the most popular products and are designed to tasks: to control the transparency objects, transparencies, labels, tracking edge, the definition of fluorescent labels, etc. By type of exit sensors are divided into discrete (switch), analog and digital. To the category of switches with discrete output include devices that have only two switching states – open or closed. Analog and digital sensors have a dependence of the output value of the distance to the object