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maternal alfafetoproteina and estradiol 15-21 weeks. no no Chromosomal abnormalities: a prediction of 65-75%, false positive – 25%, false negative – 5-10% of NTDs: prediction of 85-90% false positives 10% of non-aggressive: U.S. during the first trimester and a blood test for levels of PAPP and human horiotropicheskogo Genotropin 11-13 weeks. no no Chromosomal abnormalities: (trisomy, especially 15, 18, 21) prediction of 85-90% false positive – 10%, false negative – 5% Argessivny: Amniocentesis – Take a fetal cells in amniotic fluid 15-18 weeks. 1:300 miscarriage, rarely damage to the fetus infection Chromosome: 99% of NTDs: 99% Aggressive: analysis of chorionic villi (ABX) 10-12 weeks. 1:300 miscarriage, damage to limbs vagialnoe bleeding chenie Chromosome: 99% of DNT: Do not test pregnant women 35 years of age run a greater risk medical problems than younger people. Studies have been conducted that women between 35 and 39 years suffer preeklamsiey (high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes (a form of diabetes.

Which appears only during pregnancy) twice as likely as women who became pregnant by 20 to 30 years. A study was conducted of women conceive a child after 40 years, which compares them with women who conceived and 30 years: It was revealed an increase in operative delivery by caesarean section for women after 40 years. 47% of women who had a first pregnancy, underwent caesarean section. compared with women younger than 30 years who have cesarean section was only 22% sluchaev.Dlya women older than 40 years, but have second or third child, the risk of caesarean section was 26.9% – not so high, but still more than 17% of younger ones. There is no absolute certainty that the cause of greater frequency of caesarean section in mothers of a more mature age, but there are several plausible assumptions.

First of all muscles of the uterus may not work as effectively as in younger women. Second child often takes the wrong position, which makes the cesarean section safe choice for the birth of such babies. If you have successfully conceived, as well as a woman after 35 years, you will be asked a few tests to assess the normal development of your child. Ultrasound can detect congenital anomalies (birth defects, which may affect the anatomy of the fetus in the absence of genetic disorders). A blood test, called the analysis on motherly alfafetoprotein can predict certain chromosomal anomaly with an average level of accuracy. The only accurate way to test the fetus for genetic abnormalities is tested through invasive procedures, such as analysis of chorionic villi or amnitsentez. These funds can help couples prepare mentally and learn about special care for the child. However, in most cases they are used to make sure that the child's all good. Your biological clock may reward you easy conception and pregnancy, especially if you're over the years to maintain good health. Even if not kept, never too late to make changes for the better.

Health Diapers

The appearance of a small child in the family – is in fact always triumph. Indeed, the desired or unexpected, it is in any case, the most adored and expensive. And of course the same charming crumbs in any way want to give everything without exclude the highest quality and to protect any and all possible evils. And to preserve not only the child, as well as himself. After all, the clever turns caring for the baby, the easier it will be mom and dad: do not have to appease unhappy crumbs, and will actually sleep at night. Our ancestors often with you has involved a variety of natural methods, such as boxes of poppies, which are used instead of pacifiers. But to maintain the health of infants, such methods are at least not very fittingly.

Modern newborn and did not deserve such suffering. After all, there is much more suitable methods. For moms and dads of all states one of the most important developments, no doubt, it is permissible to believe diapers. Just with the advent of this simple invention provides the ability to reduce the number of large washes, to avoid problems with the delicate skin of children, and elementary arrange so that the baby was fine. Today, disposable diapers – that salvation for moms and dads, many of which only a very sturdy diapers entrust the health of your child. In qualitative pampers baby sleeping peacefully at night without waking up because of the "accident", and enthusiastically played in daylight.

Parents just need time to change diapers. At this time, moms and dads are practically no other choice but to use diapers. Because in the modern world is more than enough stress and other exciting positions. In order that the child could grow up balanced and intensively explore the world around him nothing can spook. And if so, to ensure peace in the house, you want to buy diapers, therefore, it is actually the right decision. Moreover, that a reasonable place to buy huggies wholesale – it's much more practical. In order to acquire really reliable diapers, the present moms and dads are often combined – and in fact, buy this product in bulk, getting a serious discount, and thus saving your time (no need to go shopping), its nerves (much less a baby crying), finance (diapers in bulk is cheaper, and there is no need for many times to include a washing machine, but the same, save for a powder for cars). Every baby, coming into this world, require special attention and affection. And today, parents can not resolve to ensure the child is not only your tenderness, but also comfort.