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Anything Other Than The Usual

In Germany, hundreds of people die daily the effects of so ruinierter health and by nonsensical amputations. The developments suggest a break around Europe since 1945 for the next few years. After Russia, North America resigns of his over-confidence and accept the votes of other peoples. In the propaganda you read such only between the lines, but the CIS nor the United States have a monopoly of opinion on the Internet. After all, there are individuals that global reveal their individual opinion, because they are independent or have nothing more to lose. It is already foreseeable that in a few years whole armies of turning necks and hypocrites are turning their flags after the wind. There is nothing new under the Sun.

While the Christmas season to the ritual stop invites, the year reminiscent of the perspectives, which everyone has. It was during the second World War 1 fronts represented by people, so make today mainly complex power systems, the people under financial Constraints make dangerous obstacles to freedom. There was war profiteers and speculators, who knew the hour zero under adverse circumstances economically to survive in. Entrepreneurs always found greater freedom as dependent employees – at all times. The force creative action can hardly for the benefit of society and individual unfold, if she is beaten with batons by hierarchies and paragraphs. Freedom of expression in a totalitarian State is stifled by decision makers, who want to preserve their incumbency.

Worldwide, there are the artists who create people of all kinds of resources and allow prospects. Once the freedom of art is limited, remains only hope, to be less brutally suppressed in another country. “We are carefully enough with each other?” asked German President Horst Kohler 2009 in his Christmas speech 2. Thousands of German citizens have for many years on corruption, exploitation and degradation of people through political, economic and and medically responsible senior executives. What is the consequence? Many of these lonely Rufer in the desert have lost their lives due to “Accidents”, have been economically ruined or destroyed their excellent reputation in the society. The mindfulness of this spiritually vigilant citizens fizzles seemingly nowhere, while consistently moving the caravan of the madness. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals 3, in their interaction, no longer human research can let alone understand, ungezahlter related, friends and neighbors bring the creeping death and Naresh and dahinsiechender that people produce a whole generation. In Germany, hundreds of people die daily the effects of so ruinierter health and by nonsensical amputations. Each Faculty galant put on their blinders and focused iron, to wash your own hands in innocence. It is affected and occasionally appalled. Always the “other” are responsible, even if there is no other. Sand is there enough for spreading in the eyes. Sources : 1 de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zweiter_Weltkrieg 2-, 2.660685/Weihnachtsansprache-von-Bundes.htm 3 de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vergiftung freelance copywriter acts as Hans Kolpak since 1999 on the Internet, to gain more public social and political topics in the German-speaking world. Since 2008, he writes for customers presstexts and distributes them via Fachdienstleister on the Internet. Design of Web sites he helps its customers unique competitive advantages through DAO, the digital asset optimization: text, images, movies, news, XING, yasni, facebook, twitter and intensedebate.

Drug Addiction

Publications 93 (25514) on 29.06.2010 and 94 (25 515) on 30.06.2010 in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the "Who and what recruits flock of drug addicts" aroused great public interest. Even with reports of the forum on the newspaper's website, it is clear that the problem of combating drug of concern to many of our citizens. Given that today in Russia Protestant churches have a very active help drug addicts to people, not surprising that towards the believers, and sent not so much laurel wreaths, how many stones and arrows. It so happened that often in our country initiative is punishable. Today in Russia there are several major Protestant groups. One of the most numerous – Russian Joint Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Pentecostals).

In the churches belonging to the Union, with more than 350 rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and alcoholics in different regions of the country. In particular, only when local churches, "Exodus" are 38 such centers for social and spiritual care. Service for people addicted evangelicals began to engage in about 15 years ago. At a time when drug addiction was killing a generation, clerics descended into the dirty basements, came to the cooking apartment, where literally dragged the young guys and girls that look like zombies. Sometimes the eyes of believers are brought half-decayed fetid body, are lukewarm life. Helped everyone – the homeless, children and business people. Thus, the sick, degraded, fallen on the bottom of life, people began to take hope.