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Baby Developmental Toys. Children From 3 To 7 Years And Older

From 3 to 7 years and older as toys of different sizes are added piece of cloth, wood and snags churbachki and diverse objects of uncertain purpose (wedges, chunks of bark, nuts, shells, baskets, cords, cushions) – toys that are open to imagination of the child, and allow different names and use (capable of serving as Vice different items and characters). The most successful material for large-scale construction are tables, chairs, polished boards, screens, ladders. For a desktop build – this wooden construction sets. Looking for simple and small pupae (pupsiki, soldiers), dolls indeterminate age and sex (not individuals) and animals (size 5-15 cm), finger puppets and dolls for the theater. For role-playing game requires children dolls of different sexes 30-50 cm, doll furniture, dishes, clothes, attributes to play hairdresser doctors, shop, costume details, transportation toys. These are the toys to help make and keep playing a role. Mosaic, materials for sculpting, and painting applications should be used to free creativity, without loss of a child outside of foreign models.

Too-designed toys and their hefty assortment will only slow down really inclusive developmental potential of free play. The main quality of good toys development point of view – is its openness. The less elaborated way – the more there is the opportunity to make, invent. Dolls (and animals) should have only the essential features, while the same figure can change: for example, laugh and cry, sleep and run, upset and angry. These are the toys awaken and nourish the imagination, allow your child to realize his plan. The incompleteness of the image of toy is also important for that the child could see it and show those traits, the qualities that he needs at this time. Toy material is of paramount importance. Children learn a lot through touch.

Everywhere they touch different surfaces and structure. Listen to the sound, exploring the various other properties. Children who are surrounded by only plastic things, they live in impoverished world. And touch the standards there will not be saved. If the doll is no different to the touch from the boat, cars or Design details, the child is deprived of many living experience. Typically, toys, high quality made from natural materials are more durable, easier to fix, and it is for a child – a kind of confirmation of his confidence in the world, in its relevance and reliability. Quality, meaningful and satisfying the game can only be the case if the children have the opportunity and appropriate for the way ogranizovannoe space for the application of force fantasies Another important condition for its development is the availability of sufficient time and peace of the child. Approximately half an hour – this is the time required for the development and changes in the game until the game as the momentum runs out. But under the peace means a daily opportunity to operedelennoe time of day to devote himself to the game, not otvlechekayas on TV, radio, sharp voice, and emotion in the house. Source: Family Portal Topatun.Ru link to the article: