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Social Networks

Actually no I have long been using social networks as a marketing tool, I remember the first social network that use makes like 5 or 6 years, Hi5, at that time was the most popular, you arreglabas your profile very father, you get photos, you had a wall, you warned when someone visited your profile, among other things, but then still not developed any business on the Internetin fact even I was going through your head that you could make money from the Internet. Then Facebook appeared, and at the beginning I remember that I was not very attractive, was like a Hi5 but could not see a profile of someone without asking before to make it your friend, nor I told you whom you visited and the pages all were equal, could not change the design or colors, but later began to appear a lot of applications to add to your Facebook profile, and that was mainly what hiso that many who used Hi5 spend to Facebook. Also at that time it was very fashionable on Myspace, but the truth is that you among my circle social in my city never was fashion, and although he believes some profile ever, I never put much attention. Lasts a long time using Facebook as a social tool, but only interacting with acquaintances and friends from my personal life. In 2009 I began to develop business on the Internet and still use it for my business marketing, and it was until recently that I realized the importance that have these networks as marketing tools. To say marketing I do not mean to join social networks to promote your business on all sides, in fact that is a serious mistake that comment many people, and in that way only are smearing his reputation. More than anything, social networks should be used to make your own brand branding, i.e. Additional information is available at Wayne Holman. .


In the current market, with many companies, technologies and prices, choose the correct cell phone can seem a complicated project, so many options and models can be confusing, but with a focused analysis and an understanding of the key points to consider, it is much easier to make a decision, in this article we will review the features major review in the purchase process of a team as well as a method of decision which simplifies the process. First, it is important to focus our selection range starting with the first key variable to consider, which affects all the other variables in the analysis, the initial question is: how much I am willing to pay for a cell phone? Once defined this, can a scan be more focused and practical points to consider. After you determine the target price range, it is important to make a list of the features and functions that we look for in our team as well as others which may be optional for a then sort them on a scale of importance. Some questions that can help us to determine what the main characteristics that our team should have might be the following: how will I use the phone primarily?, what are the most important features for me?, aesthetics or function?, the camera? Surf the internet and send emails?, do calls when visiting other countries? Listen to music?, edit Excel documents?, among others that depend on our needs and individual preferences. After defining the characteristics and important functions for us, it is useful to make a list and sort it in order of importance. Then, find several models that meet your requirements and preferences within the established budget. Investigating pros and cons of the models chosen in the previous step (reputation, reviews and online buyers, recommendations, etc.) And finally choose the option that you consider most suitable according to your selection criteria.