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Central Electoral Board

The Hall of administrative law of the Supreme Court rejected last night, after more than five hours of deliberations, the suspension of the agreement of the Central Electoral Board (JEC) contested by Izquierda Unida, with what the illegality of manifestations of the movement of 15-M for the day of reflection Saturday morning and Sunday 22 election day stays current. The Supreme has considered UI does not have the character of interested with the said Act, to the extent that not is the owner of the right of Assembly are now seeking to exercise on behalf of others. I.e. (A valuable related resource: Sirius). that UI not can arrogate to itself the representation of concentrates in Sun or in other places that the movement has taken in dozens of Spanish cities.According to the car last night dictated by the Supreme Court unanimously, IU has justified not only short way, but wrong his legitimation, relying on a ruling of the room of the contentious 20 May 1986 on a now-repealed law. However, his writing is useful to confirm that the applicant does not defend any right own, but outside of the collective and individuals which referred to unless the character of generality in his request legitimises its procedural action.Despite considering the lack of legitimacy of UI, the resource goes into the background and explains that the agreement of the Central Electoral Board resolves a query of the Electoral Board of Salamanca and the solicitor of the State, so that agreement does not contain in itself a decision or pronouncement prohibitive with regard to meetings and specific in certain territorial points concentrations. What makes the JEC is formulating a criterion of application or interpretation of certain precepts of the Electoral.Consecuentemente law, the Central Electoral Board response to the inquiry lacks virtuality adversely on the fundamental rights of Assembly and freedom of expression, aside from its binding decisions that would adopt the provincial electoral boards in each case to examine the conformity or non-conformity with the electoral law of the concentrationsmeetings or demonstrations promoted by individuals during the day of reflection that violated the prohibition that collects the Electoral.Es law say, the JEC agreement is limited to establish the criterion that must follow the provincial electoral boards in the interpretation of the Electoral law for the assumption that concentrations, meetings or demonstrations, the vote is requested or are prompted to exclude to nominations and is considered as a behavior not in accordance with the Electoral law. Others who may share this opinion include Wayne Holman.

British Nicholas Shakespeare

The vital Andy Larkham clock hands move more slowly from the account. Wayne Holman follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Make case to Ovidio and his Carpe Diem, that not for nothing it is also the name of the publishing house where Larkham works, it is impossible. The young man arrives late and unprepared all the events of their existence. Thus, become more that a mileurista becomes a chimera. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries may also support this cause. In your face, his girlfriend goes out with another man. Larkham does not even react. To make matters worse, in search of the chapel where the burial of a former Professor of theirs, is held just at another funeral. Seen that has come belatedly decides to at least stay until the end of the function. Precisely the nth cluelessness lets you however inherit 20 million euros that the deceased had destined who attend his funeral. So they put in place the needles of the heritage (Duomo Nefelibata), last British Nicholas Shakespeare novel. Source of the news:: A delay of 20 million

Pets And Plants: In Summer Can Not Stay Alone

C.RIZZO / every year around this time, many Spaniards will pose the same questions: what do we do with plants?, where I leave my pet? In Madrid there is a hotel to host our plants during the holidays. Plants and pets face in summer to one of their worst moments of the year: holidays. If we do not have the collaboration of a family member or a trusted neighbor, in the case of the former it is more than likely that on our return they are in a catatonic state. To avoid this, nothing better than stay in a hotel. A hotel for plants, well understood. A service is pioneer in Spain that has launched, until August 31, a popular shopping centre in Madrid. For next year it is likely that it is installed in other parts of the country. The project consists of accommodation free of charge to all legal indoor plants that have less than a metre and a half sized to give them all kinds of comforts: daylight, ser Vice for gardening, irrigation, fumigated and option of pruning.

As soon as they receive plants undergoes them a check-up to see his State of health. The idea was to make a hotel of plants, but has become a sanatorium, says, amid laughter, responsible, since there are people who have led them some very sick. Thanks to a few webcams, owners can keep track of your plants through hotelparaplantas.com. They are something more than a decorative element, they explain. Tips for our plants and pets while these establishments become is more popular, what can we do with our companions of the plant world? If we leave them alone at home, we put them in a place almost in darkness, because thus the plant needs less water. The street Windows have to be closed.

And it should let buckets with water to create humidity. On the return trip, if they are badly deteriorated, before returning them to their conventional place, submerged in water for a couple of minutes and should make a pruning to trim the most damaged part. The toughest indoor plants are Brazil trunk, palms and the dracenas. Which is least enduring are all those that have flower. Dogs and cats do not have to be a nuisance during the holidays. If you want to avoid that they stress with much change, the residences are presented as an alternative. There are throughout the geography and include food and lodging. The price is around 15 euros per day with a minimum of 2 to 3 days of stay. See residenciasanimales.com to find residence in all Spain. Transit International The Pet Inn Royal, at the airport in Narita, Tokyo, is a hotel that meets the needs of the animals with pampering (hair salon, gym, veterinarian) and is intended for people in air traffic since 2005. Chateau Poochie, Florida, has flat screens and kingsizeen beds rooms, in addition to spa, fitnesscenter, manicure, boutique in Spain there are very basic hotels (room only) and others, like mascohotel.com, which include a bed for the animal, toys, daily walks source of the news: pets and plants: in summer not be they can stay alone