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Monavie Compensation Plan Revision

For many years I have analyzed many compensation plans for multi-level companies. and through the years have improved plans for Distributors and are becoming more competitive, which has meant faster results and explosive growth of some leaders that have changed multilevel company making good money even if the MLM company they left. If ever a multilevel company, or any provider of any company tells you not to do anything to make money in your company, I am sure he is lying, you have to work a minimum of 2-3 hours a day to first, and gradually increasing according to increase their income. A few months ago I joined a MLM company that promised to earn around $ 1,600.00 dollars without doing anything. I joined the second day the company started, I began to see that there was a tremendous list of people who were registering after I did, and were about 19,000 people in which I should be earning money. I wrote to the company because he was not making money and they said that the only way to win at the company was sponsoring my sponsor distributors or put people in my line. That’s why I invite you to analyze 100% of the compensation plans of companies that promise not to do anything to make money. PCRM recognizes the significance of this. That’s why I gave myself the task of analyzing the Monavie compensation plan, because a friend of mine told me about this company and I also took the MonVie Convention and because I realized the achievement Monavie reach Billion Dollars in sales in three years, which the company was leading was Google, which accomplishment in six years. Read more here: Hirotsu Bio Science. Then I said WOW.

In half the time. Verify that only two things to achieve in less time, the only product with immediate results and Generous Compensation Plan the most revolutionary of the industry. Breaks all barriers of other compensation plans, giving you the chance to earn more inclusive your sponsor or others in your upline. This is what makes the MonVie Compensation Plan, the most generous of the Industry 8 WAYS TO WIN: 1 .- Retail Bonus 2 .- 3 .- first order Bonus Order Wholesale 4 .- Bono by starmaker Team Commissions 5 .- (your work will reward you greatly helping all) 6 .- Correlative Executive Pay (this makes a difference you can win more than your sponsor) 7 .- Funds leadership communes 8 .- Multiple Business Center Summary: Monavie has broken all the barriers that are in many compensation plans, estate of their compensation plan the most generous in the industry, allowing you to grow faster and have incredible results. If your sponsor does not work does not make money if you work more than your sponsor you earn more money. This compensation plan is only 50% of your business. The other 50%, which makes up the fabulous product Monavie Result Unique High Impact.