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Antwerp Degenkolb

Victim of anxiety, Tyler Farrar was enclosed and limply even to surpass Vaitkus, frustrated their desire to dedicate a victory to his friend Wouter Weylandt, who both wanted as well. Team Garmin, Farrar, remember, left the rotation along with all the Leopard team the next day of the emotive stage tribute spinning devoted to the Belgian cyclist died on the descent of the Bocco pass. He flew from Italy to Antwerp, where he lives during the competition season (Farrar is the State of Washington, in the Northwest of the United States), she cried, she overcame the penalty and, a month later, i.e. this week, he returned to run. Today, in Macon, was the first sprint that disputed since the tragedy (his team, devout accomplice, Van Sumieren and Zabriskie, above all, multiplied to control and cancel the leak) and already 500 meters before the finish looked it restless, aggressive, trying to keep Dean, your Launcher, using nudges and shoving wheel. Quiet, behind him, ice in the gaze, John Degenkolb. Source the news:: Degenkolb strikes again