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Fisherman’s Soup

In this heat to stand at the stove – penalty! Flee from the stuffy city to the forest, the mountains or go fishing …! True fishing – a sport, recreation, unity with nature, relaxation of dusty stuffy city. And, of course, the joy of fellowship around the fire for plate is rich, flavorful soup of fish, inherited from luck or hard of water with the corresponding talk fishermen called common people in the stories. The fishermen making their wisdom soup: omit smut, add vodka, choosing certain kinds of fish. In one they are in agreement: the fish in your ear should be very much! By the way, it is believed that this ear is prepared without vegetables and grains, if there is no desire to get soup instead of a fish soup. When nalovleno a lot of different fish, the first question is: what kind of use for soup? In general, the various fish platter, the tastier will be ear (although there is fish cookery recipes soup and only one some fish such as perch only). Ingredients: For the 5-liter pot: 1, 5 kg of fish 2 onions 0, 5, Art. Vodka pepper, bay leaf to taste the fish cleaned of scale, remove the entrails, wash. Boil water in a pot, add peeled from the husk onion and salt. Dr. Neal Barnard might disagree with that approach.

The fish is lower in the pot, bring to a boil, then raise the pot higher, so there was a strong boil. Add bay leaf, pepper. After 10 minutes remove the pot from the fireplace, pour vodka, to give a little ear brew. Serve hot. Sometimes the fish broth to boil in a gauze bag, fastened in a pot on a stick. In this way, boil and repeat portions of fish. However, digestion of gauze in the ear before us etsya inappropriate. This can be done scooping fish or transfusion of broth. Bon appetite

Healthy Menus For Families

Why eating delicious home-prepared food from a cafe or supermarket? Of course, one of the reasons – is that home-cooked meals made with love. It’s already a lot! Probably, there are a number of reasons why some dishes housewives obtained amazing tasty, and others – mediocre. First of all, the technology of manufacturing home-cooked meals. If the owner adheres to the formulation, not lazy to weigh ingredients for cooking electronic balance, and performs the necessary instead of the usual action, the result will be different. For example, the meat should not soak in water, and cook at once, and blanch. Second, there is another important step in the manufacture of food – this is the preparation and selection products for the nutrition of the family. How to choose your products? Surely, you will find many tips on this subject in books on housekeeping, which is in every house. However, today there is increasing difficulty in choosing products, despite to their abundance on the shelves.

And the first priority should be the mistress family food security. What products should pay particularly close attention to? We have identified several such Category: Meat products. May contain hormones, antibiotiki.Ovoschi, fruit. May contain nitrates, heavy metals, pestitsidy.Molochnye products. Can contain preservatives, be diluted with water, lactic acid may attend dyes, emulsifiers, itp.Konservy. Dangerous and unhealthy food. According to state supervision, more than 80% of canned products unfit for consumption.

There are several ways to provide the family with delicious products without these drawbacks. For example, to start his own farm in the village and move to a more natural way of life. And you can not make such drastic actions, and just start buying organic products. This category of products has high quality and excellent application properties.