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Humidifier. How To Choose Exactly What You Need .

Why do I need a humidifier? Among all the characteristics of the microclimate for the person most important is undoubtedly the air temperature. The range of comfortable temperatures is very narrow: below plus 17 degrees – cold, above plus 25 degrees – hot, but if you go beyond this range even further, then placed in a room is simply impossible. Compared with other characteristics of the microclimate temperature seem less significant. Barometric pressure has a visible impact primarily on people with chronic diseases, and the humidity of the air, we also tend to not pay attention. And consequently, the answer to a question why do we need humidifiers for us is not obvious. However, if we consider the matter more closely, it turns out that humidity – this is one of the most important factors to consider in the process of creating a comfortable microclimate in the premises.

Moreover, the normal level of humidity is not less important than the acceptable range of temperatures. This level is 45-50%. Of course, being in excessively dry or excessively humid air does not affect a fatal state of health and health status. But if unfavorable humidity occurs constantly or regularly, it can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Increased Humidity affects the wellbeing of people and pets, as well as on the state of interior decoration. Moist air is favorable for the breeding of pathogens and contributes to slow destruction of wooden furniture. However, in most parts of our country's period of high humidity, harmful to human health, or absent altogether, or does not happen a long one.