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Gestalt Process

EA a Debeismosa. EA a manipulations. a – Technical expressive Looking expression and action, as verbalization. Make people realize, recognize, identify its forms of expression capabilities. Maximize the experience of here and now.

-a a Techniques of integration: They seek to integrate the parts aligned, they are fragmented. For example, the empty chair, meeting with polarities and identification of elements projected. a Other techniques of Gestalt work is the use of fantasies, dreams and projections. The essential in this type of work is that the person to contact with the contents of his fantasy, dream or project and can Partee and explore that content, express, realize he integrate his experience and his life. a This kind of work in Gestalt psychotherapy has the following purposes (Lozada, JV (1988). a – Reaching out to an event, a feeling or a feature people to resist. "a a explore the unknown, new or unusual aspects of individuals.

a For work in Gestalt, it is also important to note the following: The avoidances, changes, stagnation, self – support versus environmental support, the I – environment, barriers and frustrations, emotional disposition and commitment of person. a 5. 3. – CREATIVE PROCESS GESTALT a To Sinker, J. (1979), the creative process is therapeutic because it is an encounter of the person itself, which enables it to know all its internal wealth. The purpose of their job is to help his patient to become aware of himself, his emotions and experiences, as well as learn to recognize responsibility for their lives or their decision-making.