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North American Moody

The speculation continues, the European leaders continues of crossed arms and without ideas, while the agency of financial notation, North American Moody’ s cut in four levels rating of Portugal de Baa1 for Ba2, placing the debt of the country in the garbage category, that is, junk. Portugal with a new governmental majority, with a memorandum of agreement signed with troika, demonstrating strong intentions very to fulfill everything what it was waked up, but exactly thus, the markets perceive, that this strategy is the negation of the reality and, that Greece and Portugal will not be capable to pay what they must. The markets know that to keep the delineated strategy stubbornly, for the European leaders, it does not go to decide thing some. We are to enter in a very dangerous phase of this crisis, with approaching to the elections in Germany, in France, and in proper Greece, the risk of a catastrophe, that can pass for a not gliding insult or the collapse of the only currency is each bigger time. The investors know that Greece, with a debt to twirl the 160% of the GIP is insolvent. Credit: Anthony Corolla-2011.

Portugal with a less gravosa situation has a debt to twirl 95% of the GIP. Very probably, the reorganization of these debts will be inevitable and the more time to delay, greater goes to be nus that it goes to fall again on the contributors. The agitation of the last days dragged Spain, Belgium and Italy for ribalta of the countries, that the markets keep under monitoring. the belief where the biggest countries of the zone euro would be immune to any attack can show enganosa. The possibility of a declaration of board route, on the part of Greece will be able to produce a new devastao, in the world-wide economy. Click Wayne Holman to learn more. I think that the gliding reorganization of the debt would be the best option for the Greeks, Portuguese and for euro.

But this hypothesis will not be available for much more time. The European leaders had to grasp it while they can. The prognostics of these sick people are very private, everything go to depend on the form as the illness Greek to evolve and of the consequncias of the contamination in the Euro Zone.


Ah, that homesickness that I have of the time where did not have indices, research and results, where ' ' alunos' ' they were not numbers. In education still we are engatinhando in what respect says to great theories that if they collate and we, who we love the profession, use more dons born and the certainty of that not he exists pupil (that one that does not have light) and yes small human beings. The education and the professors come being massacreed in consequence of the system and insist on this way for believing. is a solitary and persistent fight. For not giving up and because, for me, this profession is more than money in the pocket, he is that I search a look beyond the indices (not for vanity, small feelings who does not find fertile land in my way) the way is of rocks, molded in the long run, sedimented of education, interaction, humanizao.

In this way, side by side we look the being, this exactly forgotten, abandoned and transformed into research. Until when we go to be objects and not citizens of this situation? It has schools where children are human beings with past, gift and, mainly, future. With histories to enchant, but that they do not give ibope. It never gave, why today, still more today, would go to give? But they exist, are enough to want to look at. I am a indisciplinada pupil, I deserve palmatria, reprovao. In the school of the man I am she-ass, in the my history of life I am a citizen who, for incredible that she seems, still believes ' ' great men? . The elections are there and ask for to the candidates: They look at deeply for the education, they respect and they value teeny, for that they have faith, them are the kingdom of God, abandoned for the men, not for God. I have faith.

Civil Society

To think the Civil Society as an important actor politician inside of the context of a democracy, means to think about the real conditions of its legitimacy and about the maintenance of a possible autonomy. When mattering of Lipset (2001) the aspect of the education for the maintenance of the democratic values and practical support its, can at the beginning indicate in this author a contribution for this quarrel proposal of this given text the importance of this in the formation of consciences for a culture politics that supports and legitimizes the democratic institutions. III – VALUES PS-MATERIALISTAS OF the CULTURE POLITICS an important author who inside brings used significant contributions in this work for the agreement of the autonomy of the civil society of the phenomenon of the change politics in the transistion phase enters the authoritarian regimen for the democratic one is Ronald Inglehart (1993). When approaching the influence of the values after-materialists and auto-expression in the sphere of the culture politics, the author brings the thesis of that the development of the societies is tied with the syndrome of previsible changes of absolute social norms, in direction the more rational, tolerant, confident values each time and after-modern. For Inglehart (1996) the economic development brings a gradual change, of values of survival for the calls values of auto-expression, what it helps to explain why the societies richest have greater probability to be democratic. Exactly before the third wave of democratization, Inglehart (1993) it argues that ‘ ‘ the gradual substitution of materialistic values for values after-materialists was moving the priorities of the people of a primary focus in the search of the survival necessities, in direction to an increasing emphasis in autonomy auto-expresso’ ‘ (Inglehart, 1993, P. 6). Moreover, another factor favorable to the democracy is what it intitles of cognitiva mobilization, therefore beyond make reference to reference again the increasing levels of education, approaches the accomplishment of tasks that more require specialized knowledge as essential for the democratization of the societies.