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Get Healthy Skin Now

The skin is the largest organ of the skin, barrier function is protective and supportive of bodies. To fulfill this function, the skin is elastic, firm, fine, among other things. It sometimes happens that excessive sun exposure, pollution, changes, climate, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance and the intake of certain drugs. In the skin produce various undesirable effects. To prevent and improve these effects is needed daily four basic steps in skin care. In the morning and evening. Whether or not wearing makeup. The first step is to apply a cleaning product, whether in gel, emulsion or milk depending on skin type.

Conduct a recreation of the product soft face, neck rub es-cote.Sin to avoid irritating the skin. Remove the product with a cotton or sponges soaked with water plants. The second step is to return the hydrolipid skin that acts as a protective barrier, which was removed with the cleaning. This brumizamos a lotion may be refreshing, tonic or astringent according to skin type. The third step is moisturizing, nutrition or hydration which apply the right product for the skin biotype. The fourth step we will do in the morning will be to apply sunscreen indicated. It is important to note that each individual is different, their skin is different. Therefore, not always the product that uses a friendly, known, family is right for your biotype cutaneous.There are unaesthetic changes such as acne, q ue in some cases are caused by the misuse of a cosmetic product, this means that this product is contraindicated for your skin type, not necessarily that the product is not good quality.For this reason we conscientiousness that advice on the proper use of a cosmetic product must be performed by a trained professional for that purpose.