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The Reason For Using Mulch As A Method For Maintaining

In winter, we are not surprised when we see the fresh vegetables and fruits. Since even a child knows that there are greenhouses, through which the cold season you can grow plants. Of course, there is another way, thanks which counters covered with tomatoes, cucumbers and so on. True, this method has its drawback – lack of product quality. That is, in order to preserve the freshness of products grown in warm weather year, they 'cut away' various harmful substances.

Therefore, this method, we will not discuss. Greenhouses and more preferable because it excludes a devastating impact on the fertile soil from wind and sun. AND you know, that when the street is hot, the soil suffers, and when severely cold. But as it turns out, not only can save greenhouse useful properties of the soil, but mulching will help in this. Mulching – what is it it? The name refers to the process of representing a variety of materials obrabatyvanie cover. In addition, it helps save you time and effort.

After carrying out such activities weeds peers for a long time cease to grow, and grow much slower long-term. With the property for a long period to maintain moist soil, mulching materials do more than regular watering. And so this feature is realized, need this kind of material lay directly after a rain or watering. This method has the advantage that lies in the fact that the soil is not very hot in summer but not much ice-free, thereby preserving the roots perennials. Another advantage – mulch can protect plants from diseases and some pests. For example, you can say goodbye to pesky moles. It is important to note, are very suitable conditions land to grow worms and as a consequence of land will be much more friable. Naturally, many think that simply do not need fertilizer, if you use mulch, but in fact mineral fertilizers and other simple needed as mulch – this is only a partial 'complementary feeding' of the soil. So give up other nutrients is not necessary.

Powder Coating Paint

Powder Paint – Paint is a material that was developed in 60-70 years of last century. This brand new material has superior quality, appearance and distribution of powder coatings has been stimulated by a number of distinct characteristics. This remarkable material can easily be completely subjected to disposal, and when applied to the surface, he returned to full production cycle. Such a waste-free powder coating technology has become very popular. Usually required to apply only one layer in powder coating, rather than two or three required for painting with liquid materials. This apparent efficiency of the process of technological coating allows this type of paint to compete with other similar materials.

Powder coating contributes to a significant increase in labor productivity through a special automated equipment for painting work. This can not influence the choice of construction companies. Reduce the cost of electricity through the use of powder coating is especially important when the huge amount of work. Powder coating as an alternative to liquid paint can improve environmental facilities as well as powder paint contains no volatile substances (organic solvents, etc.) which makes it impossible evaporation of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Due to its chemical and physical properties of powder paint is good to use, it also reduces the explosion and fire hazard.

When applying powder color virtually not affected human health and the environment. That is, as already mentioned, due to the absence in the powder coating of harmful soluble and volatile substances. This makes possible many things. For example, the material loss is practically zero, since the application of such paints electrostatic and very effective. Moreover, not necessarily clean indoor air from contamination by means of special equipment, which sometimes is very expensive. Thus, the powder coating can not only reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment, but also significantly save money, because the flow of powder material is minimal and close to one hundred percent, do not need more time to apply paint to the surface of the powder paint and other species capable of forming surface coatings, which for quality and durability are successfully competing with conventional liquid coatings of various materials and ceramics. Therefore, powder coating stimulates an increase in the growth of special electrical equipment for the coating of the construction equipment market. Powder coating is designed for use on various surfaces, both metal and nonmetallic. Such paints are used for coloring the surfaces of home appliances (microwave ovens, refrigerators and etc.), air conditioners, various types of heaters, furniture, shelving, panels, all kinds of purposes, etc. Powder paint is used in the automotive industry. This huge area of application allows this type of material rapidly expand its production volumes. Powder coating exposed to the elements of decoration, detail, knots of cars and more. But the car industry is not limited to the use of powder paint. It is used for drawing on the surface of sporting equipment, lighting equipment, metal furniture. There is a growing demand for it and in the construction field, with this stained material of various designs and rolled metal.