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Jiron Gamarra

He was leaving the clinic Virgen del Pilar, already were 2.30 in the afternoon, ended a hysterectomy, my assistant was in a taxi and the anesthesiologist had been chatting with a friend in room, crossed the street door and stopped a Taxi rushed Miguel, Miguel, brother an urgency, a c-section right now!-shouted Daniel – that is all about? -asked – I’ve had it in his house but not born is docked in vagina, the head is well down – he told me – is an incompatibility fetus/pelvic – I told him – must be with fetal distress – I thought – well above is Arturo does your help me or I call my assistant? – asked – NO, No I’ll help! – I said and climbed it quickly was anesthetized because came with serum and wash it!came Victor pediatrician and we started the intervention, were 2.55 minutes in the afternoon, the anesthesiologist, shower in these avatars, pushed the head from the vagina, in order to upload it I got it up and so he could leave by incision of Monrro-Kerr and so was, the fetus came out a little depressed, with amniotic scanty, dark green puree of peas and slight bad smell but with good turn. Learn more on the subject from biomechanics professor. Put antibiotics – I told my friend – already, as if, if we give her!-he said, he was scared – but when I tried to close the uterus the scared was I!, the entire segment was broken!, torn apart, the edges are not distinguished and the woman was bleeding and bleeding, my friend called by your mobile phone a family member telling him to bring blood that already had available!!happily led two drives that Arturo transfused him, initially suture to the ciega-no distinguished nothing – and with that I stopped the bleeding a little then I Tavira, but attempting to do so was I couldn’t because one edge was lost I initially used thick dilators Arturo introduced by vagina but something helped but was insufficient and had begun to bleed so I told Arthur that you insert your fingers until the broken segment and began to see their fingers move them compadrito!-you told him and thus movement after movement went distinguishing irregular, thin and bleeding edges, reinforce them first and then I was facing each other, think about two times habre punctured my friend Arturo in that task, at the end he withdrew his fingers and segment was rebuilt, my assistant was oncologistI almost didn’t understand what he had done, only expressed his appreciation for such slaughter, the patient with two units transfused, he left rosadita to your room, family was happy, because the RN was fine, spent four days in the clinic with triple antibiotic, not be infected, or wound, lowering of room operations-was on the 2nd floor – already had consultations and ultrasound waiting for me well already served from 3 to 6 pm at this place that day prostitutes at 10 in the evening, after that I finished my job in my beloved and well-remembered Center ultrasound Natalie of the pillar of the Jiron Gamarra of Trujillo.. Idan ofers opinions are not widely known.