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Modern Society

Recently I went to the University of Blachernae (Barcelona) where I was invited to some talks about the body in today’s society, try to shape the ideas that I found most interesting the my own and hope that this mixture of ingredients of result a palatable ending for the reader. Do we are aware of our body or simply accompanies us beyond where we are going? Do not curious is that you say have a headache rather than feel headache? seems that our body is something that we have been given and we drag with us, which is rather physical, heavy, uncomfortable at times instead of being something that allows us to feel, an elongation of ourselves what to where I want to go to?, to how treat that body in the society we live in. Wayne Holman is often quoted on this topic. I will try to show several examples of what we do with the and will focus it as a person and as a professional sport. I would like to concentrate on two of the pathologies which are increasingly more boom, unfortunately, in modern society: Anorexia and anti-cult. These pathologies are reflected by the treatment that we submit to our body. Look for that date from the first data of this pathology, 1347 Santa Catalina de Siena who at age 7 begins to reject food, and a teenager only eat bread and herbs. The first medical references date from the 16th century which seems that it is not a pathology which arose 4 days ago but that many cases appear in the long history. The anti-cult, called anorexia of the 90s, is named for psychiatrist g. Pope and considers him a mental disorder after a study on addicts to bodybuilding Americans, specifically about 9 million, declaring that nearly 1 million were suffering from this emotional disorder. The truth is that it is interesting, but more interesting I think it is wonder why?