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Healthy Diet

To strengthen the result of a healthy diet and appropriate physical activity, there are a variety of plants in our nature, that will help us, as a supplement to lose weight and prevent weight extra. Fucus: This medicinal plant is a seaweed (sold dry) serves as the accelerator of basal metabolism (consumption of calories at rest), it also has the particularity to regulate the thyroid. It inhibits appetite. Ingested infusions. Spirulina: It is a spiral-shaped freshwater alga, favors the production of red blood cells, for its rich in chlorophyll, folic acid and iron. It is an ideal complement to accompany a diet low in nutrients, since it has a 70% vegetable protein, more digestible for the body, than red meat. Lemon: This fruit is attributed benefits with powers such as: diuretic, stimulant of the pancreas and liver, anticeptico. Great Eliminator and effective against fat.

It reduces the cholesterol. The lemon juice with hot or warm, unsweetened added, before and after meals it is advisable in diets to lose weight and prevent weight. Bitter orange: the skin of this fruit is a powerful quema-grasas, like fucus, increases caloric expenditure and eliminates the accumulation of fats without altering the muscle mass. You drink infusion. Pineapple/pineapple: Is rich in vitamin C and fiber, has minerals such as magnesium, copper, potassium, iodine, manganese and an important enzyme called Bromelain which helps to metabolize food.

In addition to diuretic, it favors the Elimination of the accumulated fat in the body. We recommend its consumption to the natural. Carrots and celery: these vegetables low in calories, make our body to burn more calories in your digestion, the role of diuretics, purifying with high content of fibers, which provide satiety. Blend these ingredients and drink a glass a day, will make you achieve good results in your diet. Hyssop: Is a plant with curative effects on respiratory diseases. Powerful diuretic, favouring the Elimination of fat deposits. Recommended to drink 2 cups of tea a day. Guarana: Is an excellent gastrointestinal regulator. This fruit reduces appetite, since it has a 100% of protein and 45 per cent of vegetable fiber production. It stimulates the nervous system because one of its main nutrients is caffeine, increasing metabolism basal and thus eliminating fat. Incorporating some of these natural elements, we will help our body to eliminate toxins and excess body fat, achieving weight loss. It is easy to avoid weight when we know choose and combine foods, in addition to harmony and balance the emotional attitude that will reflect a positive result in our body image.