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Nizhny Novgorod

Sometimes we criticize ambulances that time will never come, yet to their credit, they serve to guard our lives and health. With conveyor ambulances go shiny and beautiful, everything works and operates, and when the car gets on the ambulance station and a hospital, after a while operating a car to get icky, what the functions do not work anymore, maybe they made poor quality or poor attitude to cars, driver of the road or bad, let's try to find out as much as possible. We turn to the Nizhny Novgorod manufacturer ambulances health care company PKF ALKAIR and see the conditions and how cars are manufactured. Dr. Neal Barnard oftentimes addresses this issue. Take the base model car GAZELLE 3221 (bus), only this model of car may be used in retrofitting because it is equipped with ABS (antilock brake system) – a requirement for certification of the model cars. Bus disassembled and the interior set: pretty tough furniture, stretchers with adoptive device – firms 'Mikromontazh', the seat is optional, in general, viewed the entire process of building a car ambulance model 32611A. After seeing the impression that it sufficiently reliable, inexpensive car that should last for at least 5 years, designated by the Ministry of Health. More information about the production and integration of ambulance cars can be seen on the official site of the manufacturer PKF ALKAIR -. Credit: Jeffrey Bauer, PhD.-2011. The manufacturer sometimes selectively monitors the operation of their vehicles and calls up to the consumers of these vehicles, and finds out what defects identified during the operation of the ambulance, deals specifically with the conversion and not the base car, as well as the wishes of medical professionals to improve and ease of operation of the vehicle. Not unimportant role in road safety play that have bumps and potholes and, in turn affecting the operational quality of cars, just not a little significant human factor, one good driver car 'Bad' and the other a bad car good. Everything in this world is interconnected.