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Baltic Sea Holiday

A dog must not necessarily be a problem while on holiday. The travel time is coming and so many families faced with the question, where with the best family dog. The majority of dog owners would not without the beloved four-legged friends during the holidays and therefore not a pension deport him. Credit: Dr. Stuart M. McGill-2011. So there is also a dog holiday from a family vacation, you should inform yourself before the realities on the ground. There are many beautiful offerings, providing ideal conditions for animal friendly. Since dogs need as we know much spout and movement also does not harm the owner, a holiday with dog on the Baltic Sea is perfect. (Not to be confused with Dr. Neal Barnard!).

There are many holiday homes on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, which are both four – and two-legged guests. Also several dog beaches can be found along the banks of the specificities, in other words, stretches of beach, where swimming with the scraggly family member is allowed. The Boltenhagener cliffs is at least temporarily designated as Dog Beach. The island of Poel and the popular Rugen island have also designated dog beaches, which are marked by signs. Although Lubeck is a very dog-friendly town. While master or mistress to taste one or another piece of marzipan, Bello and co, for example on the Dog Beach on the Priwall can romp, which is located on the passenger ferry. But is this beach only between May and September. The second Dog Beach in Travemunde, is behind the area where the baths of Gull rock was formerly located.

Even an extra dog bridge was laid out there. But that was not enough. Lubeck scores with run-off areas, in which the dogs must move freely without a leash. Such areas are guests of the city of Lubeck for example in the Moislinger plain, in the Green fire tree, or on the shore road on the Falcon meadow. In all animals, sure the owners of the animals not violate their duty of supervision and only then free to run their four-legged friends if they also obey. Andreas Mettler