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The Mental

If this leads to (or was an effect of) any kind of dualism, will undoubtedly be a problem; but live with a problem is better than assuming an unintelligible response. THE PRAGMATICS of the problem or as TRANSFORMING the problem into guidelines for the action to provide an operational content to previous suggestions, it outlines some examples of problem open current and future that are linked with the problem of the mind. The suggestion is to think of these examples halfway between an actual experiment and an imaginary experiment, with the purpose of extracting implications and/or suggest new hypotheses. 1. The mental interfaces problem represents an important topic which already constitutes a research line of avant-garde in cognitive neuroscience. It is essentially electronic devices able to decode intentions concerning voluntary movements of people, through the decoding of neural patterns associated with these intentions. Main applications are intended for people with motion disabilities, to enable them, through a coupled physical system – move objects simply concentrating on this. From a theoretical perspective, these systems constitute a tangible proof of the existence of a neural correlate of intentional mental activity.

Generally pragmatists, seem to draw a crucial test in favour of interactionism regarding the epifenomenalismo (even though philosophically, the question continue open) 2 Biochips neural implants nervous brain exploration is allowing information from which neural networks can be designed synthetic simulated in Silicon. This, in essence, has been achieved in chips of vision, a copy of the neural organization of the retina and the initial stages of visual processing of mammals. It is an example, although preliminary, the era of nerve implants, whose purpose is the correction of defects caused by neurological and sensory disabilities. It has begun to work with traces of magnetic resonance imaging of high resolution and speed that images of individual nerve cells can be supplied without altering living tissue that is scanned.