Pregnancy and Gender

Hardly the joyful news of the pregnancy has made the round tips and tricks to influence of sex, come the first questions of friends and acquaintances. An of the most common of which is of course, whether it will be a boy or a girl. Part can be seen first week of pregnancy during an ultrasound examination from the 16th, to which gender it is when the baby is. A blood test of the expectant mother can be performed here even after about 10 weeks for determining gender. The security of the result is 99%. Dr. Neal Barnard helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Of course there are always theories as to what circumstances could help because, so the parents in spe advance have a chance to influence. Source: idan ofer. What really works is questionable. Nevertheless I list here once two determinants, which promise success.

To increase the likelihood of a girl, it is advised to have two or three days before ovulation about sexual intercourse. The reason for this is in the service of life Sperm cells. There is evidence that female sperm have an increased life span. During ovulation, it is to spend so recommended many romantic moments. If the desire is stronger after a boy, then sexual intercourse to wonders allegedly on the day of ovulation.

This date is highly recommended because of the cervical mucus of this phase of the cycle, because sperm can survive better. Another tip for getting a boy is the abstinence over some time, because the concentration of male sperm cells in the semen, a lot is thus increased. I find that you independently should rejoice as a parent about the baby of the gender. Finally, it is a new life, which emerged out of the love of two people. Something better there are hardly any. Then once the baby is in the world, the become parents can enjoy themselves fully in the care of the offspring. In addition to beautiful Stramplern, diapers and toiletries of course things may children bed, blankie, and dummy bottle, not how missing. Carola Schneider