Metal compared to plastic is more durable, resistant to mechanical damage, less fastidious in operation and not as fast stains, but it has higher price. Plastic bowls are made of transparent and opaque plastic. It seems that there just to make a choice, but the apparent practicality of transparent bowls are actually in the process of making the walls condensation, and through them also can not see anything. Yes, and look in the cooking process is not much to it is not where the oven might have something to burn). But the opaque cups have one advantage – the colored plastic will not be visible from the outside (sooner or later be painted plastic, such as carrots or beets).

Pan of water to the water trays in addition to forms will vary in its depth. The larger the better. In the small trays, you can cook significantly less time, after which you will need to drain the condensate. This is a design flaw of many cheap steamers, such as Scarlett and Benaton. Also nice if the tray has handles for them much easier to carry pan with hot water condensate. The set can be both a pan, which protects the heating element or tray fitted to each steam basket.

If you do not like the taste of foods that do not mixed, or are preparing two completely different dishes at two levels, then gently choose the second option. 4. Additional features steamer vitamin plus Vitamin + – a special feature Steamers TEFAL, when you turn on the device which starts operate at full capacity (2,000 watts) to all the bowls were filled with steam fast steamers. When you reach the optimum temperature, the function is automatically disabled Vitamin + and preparation continues as usual – 650 Tues Some support for the temperature can maintain the temperature of the steamer after the end of cooking. Ie after cooking (while the device is connected to a network) steamer periodically switched on for short period of time, thus giving no products to cool. This feature can be enabled by default, as well as on the control panel for it can be installed separate regulator. Depending on the model support the temperature can run from 20 to 60 minutes. Indicator descaling It's like the name implies, indicates that the heaters is a large amount of scum and need to clean it. This indicator is set to top models PHILIPS. Source: