Hypnosis and the Hypnotist

"Slimming Most obese people eat when not hungry. They eat because they are bored, depressed or angry. The hypnotist can find some reasons that encourage the person to overeat and to create appropriate suggestions. Examples of useful suggestions for weight loss are: "I feel good … and only when I have hungry … if I'm angry or bored is how to express my emotions … I enjoy every day more food …

I like my body and hunger as when I have …" Chronic Pain Management Hypnosis can relieve chronic pain of a person without the side effects of analgesic drugs. There are many ways to use hypnosis for pain. Milton Erickson used metaphors for the hypnotic session. In one of his most famous cases, Erickson talked about how a tomato grows from a seed to be the adult plant to give fruit. Your patient was an old gardener, faced with a terminal cancer and immune to painkillers. Erickson included, very cleverly, suggestions of peace and comfort in his story of the tomato.

The patient accepted these suggestions and could enjoy a few days without pain. How does it feel during hypnosis? The initial procedure is usually at a fixed concentration and body relaxation. Once the person can concentrate and relax, go into the first level of hypnotic state or light trance. In this state, the person feels a sense of lightness or heaviness in the body. Most clinical hypnotists use a light trance. Although the phenomena of this state, the person is well aware: you can hear the voice of the hypnotist, to hear other noises and sometimes carelessly keep my eyes open and answer questions from the hypnotist.