Hard Drive

The fragmentation of the disk may not be visible, but over time their effects are noticeable in the decrease of the performance of the system, since the PC spends more and more time looking for pieces of file scattered by the hard disk. DsikRescue, included in the CD-Rom, analyzed the entire unit, locates data and once found all saved information, dedicated to gather the fragments of loose and broken files again. After defragmenting the data you will notice a lower seek time and less activity on the disk, which translates in a faster start, less delay time to open programs and more speed in data recovery and saving. Steps for defragmenting the disk hard 1 registration to maximize UniBlue DiskRescue 2009, you must register in (you can do so from the own CD-ROM of the magazine). When you receive mail from UniBlue, DiskRescue open and click the register button, at the bottom of the interface. 2 Pantilla initial opening DiskRescue will see the Overview tab, which is divided into two sections: a column close with the State of the hard disk to the left, and a paragraph on the right to select units. To move to the other tabs of the program just click on their names. 3 State of the hard disk according to the results of the last scan, column is displayed with a graphic if the disk is OK or if it is precious defragment, and just underneath the Star option is scan.

If you click on this link DiskRescue will begin immediately afterwards to scan your system. 4. Analysis in the right pane, under the large button Start scan there is an option to defragment anything else finish the analysis. Removes the mark if you only need this last, since defragmenting takes a long time. A look also the number of fragmented files, if there are many longer.

5 Results the report shown here not very good results on computer with Windows 7 and two months of use, so for DiskRescue is very defragmented. The unit is half but used space occupies about 115 GB, so It will take a considerable time. 6 Programmer the first disk defragmentation will take much (up to three hours, so perhaps not amount you do it at night). Once carried out, if you do it regularly should be much faster. To ensure that trnascurre not too long between defrags, best is programming anything more to finish the first. To do this, access tabs Scheduler, where you will see all the options that the program offers. 7. Tailored DiskRescue offers numerous adjustments to adapt to whatever you need. For example, if tags in the Ongoing box defragmentation (after 5 minutes idle), the program will automatically start to defrag the drive after five minutes of inactivity on the PC. 8 Efficiency this way of dealing with the defrag guarantees you that the hard drive will work with an optimal performance level provided that you have available space. In fact, once determined the programming of DoskRescue, won’t have to do anything except let the program work alone.