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We are 80-90% of their time spent in various enclosed spaces (apartments, offices, etc.) without even knowing that the air in them at 4-6 times dirtier and 8-10 times more toxic than outside! Here are just some of the facts: Wide use finishing materials (linoleum, wallpaper, plastics, carpet, paint, varnish ) fill the air with toxic vapors, whose concentration many times higher than outdoors. In any room full of dust, which is very harmful and is also a huge source of infection (bacteria and viruses use dust particles to move and contact). Dust premises – allergen 1. At 12 grams of dust is home to around 42,000 dust mites. You may want to visit dr. stuart mcgill to increase your knowledge. 90% of colds and infections acquired indoors through the air! Apartments and offices – an ideal place for living and reproduction of many fungi, viruses, bacteria and mold, as They are full of energy sources, heat, food, they lack the natural circulation of fresh air. Wiring and multiple electrical lead to a breach of ion formula balance in the air, which in turn negatively affects our metabolism, reduces immunity. Unbelievable! Imagine the quality level of our basic diet? And all this filth we fill your body every second. How much stamina he has to spend on its neutralization? Not surprisingly, I felt like the hour is to decide for themselves the problem. But how? Move to live in the mountains I can not buy clean air in cylinders, and breathe it, using an oxygen mask, put it mildly – uncomfortable.