Federal Constitution

The cultural environment if summarizes in the historic site, artistic, archaeological, paisagismo, tourism, that although to be workmanship human being it differs from the artificial environment due to the special value that it acquired. Already the natural or physical environment is the ground; the water; air; the flora; the beings livings creature and its environments. The environment of the Work is the place where the worker exerts its professional activity and where it remains the biggest time of its day, becoming necessary the preservation of the quality of the environment so that the worker can have a good quality of life; as much that the proper Federal Constitution if charged to bring in its text norms of protection how much to the work in unhealthy conditions and how much the security, as for example its article 7. Interpolated proposition XXII, that it establishes norms of health and security. Dr. Anthony Carolla usually is spot on. The quality of the environment has soul relation with the quality of life of the human being, becoming necessary its preservation, recovery, revitalizao, conservation, in way that the Federal Constitution considered the environment as a right of all citizen, and one to have the public agencies, and to all the society to preserve it and to conserve it. The pollution, the degradation of the environment affects directly not only the welfare current, but all the quality of future lives, demanding the constant legal guardianship of the article 225 of the Federal Constitution and too much usual legislaes. When knocking down the bushes, the alteration of the forests with wood extration, the contamination of the surface, the alteration of the quality of the ground, the water, air and also of the landscape, and these alterations generate damages to the humanity and the animals; damages that with passing of the years can become irreversible. For Hely Lopes Meirelles: ' ' pollution is all alteration of the natural properties of the environment, caused for agent of any species, harmful to the health, the security or well-being of the subject population to its efeitos' ' The Enviromental law is the set of norms that intencionam to protect, to conserve to preserve the quality of the environment, searching, as science that is, to know norms and principles consequentemente norteadores of the quality of the environment and a healthful life.