Can I Get Rid Of Incontinence ?

The problem of incontinence is familiar to many. According to statistics, this phenomenon is much more likely to affect women than men. What to do, what steps should be taken when ever you want to go to the toilet? Unfortunately, many people incontinence, for some reason are afraid to go to the doctor. This is despite the fact that today the problem is successfully treated. Did you collect to the doctor? Well, there's another way out of this situation – try begin to strengthen the bladder itself.

If you do not dare go to the urologist, the following recommendations will be so helpful. So, first of all, remember: inflammation of the bladder can cause bacteria and viruses, which it hit. Therefore, there are a few rules that will help to avoid this fate. First, do not bring themselves to hypothermia. To do this, always dress for the weather. Secondly, to wash in the direction of "front-to-back" – this method will save you from getting "outsiders". Thirdly, to withdraw from a bladder infection, you can use cranberry juice (2 glasses per day should be sufficient). Since we're a little touched Topics food, then let us continue to develop it.

1. Be sure to include in your diet foods that are high in fiber (oats, cabbage, zucchini, corn bran, beans, apples). But with regard to spicy food, then they necessarily should be removed from their menu (they irritate the bladder wall). 2. Give fluids from his preference for plain water, but because we have to be a problem with the bladder, it should definitely consult with the physician about fluid intake. But black tea and coffee is better to set them aside (they contain caffeine, which is a diuretic) and replace them with green tea (it helps to purify bladder of various bacteria and toxins). With regard to smoking and alcohol consumption, then as you yourself probably know, they are not among the useful to the bladder, as well as for overall health habits. The conclusion from this can do for themselves. Now I would like to give your attention is not quite the usual training exercises of the bladder: 1. If possible visit the bathroom every hour. Gradually increase this time, ie go to the toilet not an hour later, and after 2-3 hours. The key word here is – gradually (remember that)! 2. When you are in the toilet, then begin to cut the pelvic muscles, ie, interrupt the urine stream. Repeat 10 times since. During the day, do this exercise is still at least 2 times.