BoD Skin

Innovative Beautifier: SQOOM in the expert test the company send medical presents the SQOOM an innovative anti-aging device for self-treatment, which has been extensively tested by the beauty expert Vanessa Halen. Akin to ultrasound and iontophoresis simultaneous ultrasound treatments such as sports medicine. Iontophoresis is a medical procedure where drugs deep are transported using a weak fig. through the skin into the tissue. The innovation in the SQOOM is the simultaneous application of ultrasound and iontophoresis. The ultrasound penetrates deep into the skin and loosens the skin cell associations with 1 million cycles per second and thus expands the cellular spaces so that the skin applied active substances can more easily penetrate into the skin.

The simultaneous iontophoresis now ensures that large amounts of active ingredient are introduced deep into the skin. The application of SQOOM, the skin is literally populated with substances without having to use a syringe. Visit Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for more clarity on the issue. SQOOM for medicine and Beauty was originally the SQOOM for medical applications such as atopic dermatitis or pain develops. Now, its application in the beauty sector is brand new. The hyaluronic acid deposits in the skin can use the SQOOM to effectively fill up. Through the hyaluronic acid guided to, the skin becomes noticeably plumper.

Small wrinkles disappear completely, deeper folds flat far from treatment to treatment. The SQOOM works with six different beauty programs, so that it can handle its beauty problems individually. Result: Wrinkles, age spots etc. disappear actually of acne and blemishes on wrinkles and sagging skin resolves to pigment spots and even veins of SQOOM beauty problems simple and highly effective. And the best part: A SQOOM treatment takes only a few minutes, so that they so easily like that in the everyday care plan brushing integrates. Judgment of Vanessa Halen: the SQOOM delivers what it promises. Initial successes are already from the first treatment and tangibly. To significantly reduce the wrinkles, the skin looks firmer and visibly finer, more toned and radiant. The treatment is actually very simple. Thanks to battery of SQOOM is always and everywhere, ready for use during the holiday. Conclusion: The SQOOM is a very efficient anti aging device that provides visible and lasting results.